7 signs that you are in a bad relationship

We have all happened to be in a rather uncertain relationship. You like it, but you can not tell if it’s mutual or not. It gives you signals, makes you look soft, but may have a totally different behavior a few days later. This type of “relationship” is quite complicated and can put you in difficult situations since you do not know how to react. Discover 7 signs that show you are in a complicated relationship.

You can not take your eyes off him

The most logical behavior would be to act as naturally as possible. But what are you doing? Completely the opposite. Since you are not really sure of his feelings, you do not take your eyes off him and talk to him, even when you’re in a group. Very subtle!
Obviously, these reactions are uncontrollable, but it will take more effort to hide your feelings. Because if your lover has not yet captured your signals, your entourage certainly!

You track him on the Internet

If before, stalking someone you liked was limited to follow him as a shadow, in the 2.0 era, resources are more numerous and require less effort!

In order to know all the news of your love, you do not hesitate to follow him on all social networks. You have the reflex to check his profile each time you log in, and you look for and love all his publications and photos. You also do not hesitate to go back to check his old publications, so you want to know everything about him. Nothing escapes you! But be careful that it does not turn to obsession …

You are jealous

In case you are not officially together, your so-called boyfriend can seduce other girls, which is quite normal. If you venture into the comments of his publications on the social networks, you will be able for example to see that it drags of other contenders, or can even make them eyes sweet while you sit next to it. This naturally puts you outside of you, but you can not externalize or react if you accept this uncertain relationship for a while. Ask yourself what kind of future this relationship might have, and what the consequences are.

You are trying to get his attention

It’s been a while since you exchange complicit glances, but your lover still does not take the first step? Then you try to get out there. You pay more attention to your appearance by wearing more attractive outfits and taking care of yourself.

You are also trying to have more physical contact with him. You kiss him every time you see him, touch his arm in the middle of a conversation or touch his hand “accidentally”. You do everything you can to make him notice you. Only these gestures are not always discreet and can, in the long run, make you look like a sticky person. By dint of getting too much attention, you could make him run away!

You do not know how to behave in his presence

As soon as your lover is there, you lose control. You do not know how to act, or what to say. You can also smile on your own and say anything without thinking. You’re excited to see him, but you can not let him know, which makes you behave in a weird way. This person really makes you feel good!

You constantly want him

Just look at his pictures so that all your senses are in turmoil, or sit next to you so that you have a crazy desire for him. Your feelings are so strong that it’s hard to hold you back. But you do it anyway, because you do not know what his reaction might be.

Ask your friends for advice

You feel that the feelings that you feel for this person are growing, while you are still at the starting point. A desperate situation that pushes you to talk to your friends, so that they can help you. Only at this point, the only advice they can give you is not to rush things since you are friends and nothing more.


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