7 signs that prove your partner doesn’t love you and he is with you by default

Love is at the same time, a universal and individual feeling. Indeed, we all have our own way of loving and feeling things. Thus, a love relationship is equivalent to the assembly of two unique beings, with their own personality and feelings, to form a whole.

However, this assemblage is not always optimal, insofar as the differences which unite us can also disunite us. Indeed, it happens that the other is not really in love and attached to us, at least not in the same way. And to detect this lack of reciprocity is not always easy, especially when we are blinded by our own feelings. So, to see more clearly about the sincerity of the feelings and commitment of the other, it should be known that some signs are revealing, as is the case of the following 7: 

  1. He is not interested in your projects

A partner who is not in love will not be interested in your future plans or even your daily life. What you do and what you are passionate about is of little interest to him. Besides, he never really sought to know you.

  1. He is not close to you

In the couple, intimacy is essential because it promotes complicity and the feeling of well-being. So, a partner who is not close to you does not really have feelings. And this is particularly noticeable during your outings or activities together because you look more like two people advancing next to each other, instead of walking hand in hand. 

  1. He is very critical

Instead of compliments, does he constantly criticize you? It’s because your partner is not sincerely in love. Indeed, a person in love, especially at the beginning of the relationship, tends to put on one pedestal the other, including making declarations of love and compliments.

  1. He is intimate with you but during s ex

If intimacy, as important as it is, only happens during sexual intercourse, it is because the other is not as attached as one thinks and that one’s interest is elsewhere. Indeed, even if the sexual part is essential to the well-being of the couple, it should not be the only connecting link between the partners. 

  1. He does not make any effort

Maintaining a relationship over time requires effort on the part of both companions. Thus, if one makes more effort than the other, it is that an imbalance exists and it indicates a lack of feelings on the part of one of the partners. Efforts are obviously physical (hugs, kisses, hand in hand, body language) but also psychic (sharing the mental load, compliments, respect).

  1. It underestimates you

To engage in a romantic relationship is to commit oneself to respect others and to value them. Thus, a partner who underestimates you and does not recognize your qualities, while highlighting your flaws, is a partner who does not really like you. 

  1. He is not understanding 

Just as respect is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship, communication and understanding are essential. It is important to understand the other and to accept differences of opinion. So, if you have the impression that the other does not let you express yourself and/or does not understand your way of thinking, to the point of crushing you, it is that he is not really in love. 
A couple is a relationship between two people, made of love feelings but also of compromise, mutual respect, communication, and tolerance. Moreover, for the latter to last and be healthy, there must be a balance of all these components, resulting from both partners. Otherwise, a serious discussion, or even a break, will be considered.


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