7 signs that he’s in love with you, even if he doesn’t say it

Men and women show love and affection in different ways. <>Most women say “I love you” a lot and often<> , while most men show deep affection in their daily actions.<>

This can sometimes be confusing, but the truth is that men and women think differently. So we decided to do some research for you and make a list of seven common behaviors that immediately prove that he is in love with you, even if he doesn’t say it.<>

We truly believe that love is in what you do, not always in what you say. It’s easy to say “I love you”, but true love manifests in action. You understand ?<>

7 signs that he is in love with you:<>

1. He is not afraid to make sacrifices for you.<>

It is easier to make sacrifices for others when it is for someone you love. It takes selflessness, maturity and above all love. Relationships need a balance of mutual sacrifice or one of the two will be unhappy.<>

Men in love feel very uncomfortable that their lover is unhappy, and if this is something they can avoid, they will do it. Sometimes they even go further to do something good, simply because it is really important for their partner.<>

If your man can make sacrifices for your happiness, it is only one way of saying “I love you”, without saying it.<>

2. He listens to you.<>

Studies have shown that women listen much better than men. So when a man doesn’t just hear you, but actively listens to you and reacts – a skill called active listening – you can be confident that he cares about you.<>

To go further, if he acts according to your conversations, he is crazy about you. <3<>

3. He shows his vulnerability.<>

Men are generally cautious when it comes to showing behavior that others may perceive as weakness. They feel that they need to keep a perfect facade of strength.<>

But when a man is in love, he begins to lower his guard. He becomes more comfortable and lets his real feelings show through. <>Vulnerability can take time, but if it turns out even a little bit, it’s because he trusts you enough to let his guard down with you.<>

4. He likes your appearance in your “worst days”.<>

Most people try to do their best during the first dates. We want to look good and feel good when we meet a potential partner for life.<>

But, once the real relationship is created and we spend more time together, the level of comfort increases, and our need to impress radically decreases. We are free to walk around in our pajamas, without makeup or clean hair.<>

The bottom line here is that when a man loves a woman, he finds her beautiful, no matter what she looks like.<>

So when he says to you: “You are beautiful”, when you feel in a sorry state, take the compliment and remember that it is the equivalent of saying: “I love you”.<>

5. He is proud of you.<>

When a man really loves a woman, he shows it by bragging about her. Yes, it is true that a real man does not hesitate to say how proud he is of his partner.<>

Whether you are a fantastic mother, a hard worker, or you reach your goals, you can be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed for the man who is in love. So when he tells you, it’s his way of saying, “I love you.”<>

6. He defends you.<>

This is obvious, but very important. Let’s be clear, if he doesn’t defend you, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It’s a difficult story. Most of the time, dramas and conflicts arise with a family member or close friend.<>

Most men like to avoid conflict, so if he defends you, it’s huge and it’s his way of saying “I love you”.<>

7. He treats your family and friends with respect.<>

This is the last sign, but it is surely one of the most important. It is obvious that in any relationship, a man must automatically respect you, you, your family and your friends. <>The reason is simple: he takes care of you and must also treat them properly with care.<>

Although he may not like each of your “mean” family members or friends, he will keep his opinion for himself, because he knows how much they mean to you. Creating a good relationship with them is certainly his way of showing that he loves you, without really saying it.<>

All things considered, the take home message here is to remember to appreciate all the little things he does and to realize that they are acts of love. He may not say he loves you as much as you say, but his way of displaying his affection is biologically different from yours. Okay ?!<>

How many of these behaviors does your man display?<>

If he shows them all, it’s good.<>


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