7 signs that he says, “I love you” but He do not mean it at all

Signs of fraternal affections, friendly, parental but also in love, statements are written and say loudly. However, there are statements that are not always used wisely like saying “I love you,” an expression of Love, heavy with meaning and consequences in a relationship.

Indeed, we naively think that the other sincerely expresses his love for us by saying simply these three words: “I love you”. However, sometimes a partner uses this expression without sincerely believing it. So, to help you see more clearly in your relationship, here are the 7 signs that it was not a sincere “I love you”!  

The 7 signs that prove he told you “I love you” without thinking

  1. You have not been dating for a long time

Of course, if you have spent every minute of your time together, it is possible that love is sincere. But, usually, a man who says “I love you” before you go out together for three to six months can confuse love with attachment. 

  1. You have not had s ex yet

At the beginning of the relationship and depending on what the man is looking for, he may say sweet words to you in bed! Likewise, a man can say “I love you” during s ex without thinking about it or having sincerely thought about it. 

  1. You did not spend enough time together

To build a solid foundation in a relationship, time is essential. Indeed, it allows to discover and really know each other. So, if you did not spend a lot of time together and these moments were of poor quality, it may not be true love yet, but just love at first sight. 

  1. He does not want to engage in a future with you

Many women think that “I love you” means that the man is ready to commit to the future. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it is possible for a man to simply say what he feels at the moment T without an implicit promise hiding in this statement. So, take things lightly before you plan and expect to have a real discussion with your partner about your joint projects. 

  1. He says it in the heat of the moment 

Regularly a man tells a woman that he loves her in the heat of the moment, that is to say, when they kiss, make love or are in a romantic context. If this happens at the beginning of your relationship, do not take it too seriously because you are still in the idealization phase of the other. 

  1. He says it after a remarkable experience

When you live a memorable experience for two such as the loss of a loved one or the disease, your link can strengthen and you feel more in love. However, these feelings are not always in love because according to the context, these words of love can be pronounced by way of recognition. 

  1. You do not feel the same feelings yet

If you are a couple recently and your partner tells you that he loves you but you do not feel the same feelings, it is that the statement is surely premature. In these cases, do not hesitate to ask your partner why he likes you and what he wants in your relationship. 

Of course, an early “I love you” in a relationship is not always negative. Indeed, if the feelings are reciprocal and you are not only under the influence of hormones, it is never too early to make a declaration of love!  


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