7 reasons why married men fall in love with other women

Many of us can dream of healthy relationships that end in a perfect, lifelong marriage. Alas, this does not happen in reality. There are many spouses who are tempted to fall in love or develop feelings for another person. And in many cases, the husband is singled out. But why does this happen? Why can some men fall in love with another woman, even if they are married? In this article, we will quote the 7 main reasons!

There are many factors that come into play when a married man falls in love with another woman, and this is always case by case. But we will try to give you a better idea of ​​the real reasons behind that.

1. He is just looking for friendship

It is quite normal for a man to have friendships outside of marriage. You can not really blame him for that. In fact, you will rather be surprised if he has no friends beyond you two. However, the risk that you run by allowing her to develop friendships with other women is that she might also develop special feelings for some “friends”.

2. He is too immature to become serious

He may be married to you, but he has not really matured enough to fully understand the responsibility of being in a serious relationship. He may not know what he wants by marrying you, and as a result, he panics because he still wants to explore and discover more about himself in the world of dating, and that by meeting with other women. Maybe you rushed in making the decision to get married.

3. He is attracted by what he can not have

Some men are so. In fact, this type of man lives for the pleasure of hunting. And once he gets what he wants, he gets bored and goes looking for another prey. And this could be the case for your spouse. Maybe he likes the challenge of having a relationship with someone outside of marriage? Maybe he’s bored because he got what he wanted with you? If your man has this vice, it will be very difficult for him to change his behavior.

4. He likes women who are positive and happy

This does not mean that you are not allowed to be sad in your relationship from time to time, but it is an important factor. If you are still negative and sad, all this negative energy can have very serious repercussions on your partner as a person. Thus, he will begin to hate this negative relational environment in which you are both, and thus force himself to seek happiness and positivity in other women.

5. He wants something new to break the monotony

A marriage probably offers stability, but can also bring a lot of monotony if the two partners do not make efforts to boost the relationship. If your relationship becomes monotonous, in the long run, it is certain that your man will begin to look elsewhere to get things moving, bring excitement, and breathe new life into his life, something he seems to miss with you.

6. He is not happy with you

Your man may think he made a mistake in getting married. This marriage may not have met his expectations and he does not feel at all satisfied? Does your relationship have many problems and malfunctions? He may be trying to make the most of an unhappy marriage by staying with you for a while, but be sure that he will one day try to seek love and happiness elsewhere and with another woman.

7. He feels unappreciated and underrated in the marriage

It may be that you do not give your man the recognition and valorization he needs, to feel fulfilled in your marriage, and as a result, he will probably seek them from another woman who will appreciate and appreciate it. love for what it is. And it’s unfortunate that your husband manages to find a woman who is ready to meet his needs, while you, his wife, are not able to meet them.


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