7 reasons to get out of your comfort zone

Getting out of my comfort zone is something I try to apply on a daily basis. I challenge myself from time to time and little by little. I noticed, of course, various changes and benefits to me. So I share the reasons why you have to ABSOLUTELY get out of your comfort zone!

The comfort zone, What is it?

To put it simply, it is the set of behaviors and habits that we have every day that we are familiar, routine and we do not dare to leave simply for fear of failure or judgments. Certainly “this area” is indispensable to us, serves as a benchmark/pounder but you should also know, that it is important to go out, to expand your comfort zone.

Learn to know each other better

Forced out of his comfort zone, requires violence, to force himself to do things that do not always feel able. And when we make new experiences, we leave our comfort zone. We are getting to know each other better. We develop new capacities. We open our minds to new horizons. Which allows us to know each other better. To discover what we are capable of I assure you that you will be surprised!

Win in confidence

Things come from another, by learning to know you better, by developing new capabilities, you will gain confidence! And you will come to realize more everything you undertake.

Have more self-esteem

Lack of insurance feeds on what you do not dare. If you act, you will see that you can push your limits. And you will feel a greater appreciation of you!

To be more social

Once again, it is obvious that by being more confident, you will not dare to go to others. You will attract people to you. By having a better open mind you are more interested in the people around you. In addition, your relations will be much healthier, conflicts much less present and you will see much better the good in each person.

Overcoming your fears

You are afraid, and you do not dare. It’s a vicious circle in some ways. You do not leave your comfort zone. The consequence ? Fear settles and grows in you … The act of acting blurs our fears and fears.

To be more independent

Having self-confidence, having a good self-esteem will make you more independent. You will need less of others since you know now, what you are capable of! You will no longer be dependent on others.

A thrilling life

By daring, you make your life more interesting, thrilling. Your life becomes a real adventure, a challenge every day. No more boring routine and hello change, renewal! Your life becomes more emotional. These emotions are reviving! You will be more interested in discovering new things, your curiosity will grow and so will your creativity. You will create new possibilities, opportunity and certainly a life without regrets! What’s more rewarding?

How to get out of his comfort zone?

  • Already know how to identify it
  • Expand your social circle
  • Challenge yourself as you go
  • Make progressive changes
  • Make new experiences
  • Take risks … measured 
  • Assume your desires, your ambitions

DARE, ACT! You would be much more enriched!


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