7 proofs of love even better than an “I love you”

Cocteau said “There is no love, there is only evidence of love”. It is not easy for some to prove their attachment and find the words that speak to the heart of his half more than a simple I love you. However, it is not a shiny diamond or the latest car that will make him a lover. If he gives you the whole duvet, writes a song to your glory, prepares you breakfast in bed, rob the local florist. He loves you and does not hide it.

Sometimes, caught in the tumult of daily life or as a precaution, under penalty of exposing its vulnerability, we fail to tell our partners, how much we cherish them. It is in loving gestures that love is nourished, these do not need great planning nor an exorbitant financial cost, they have a sentimental value and serve to consolidate relationships.

Seven women surrender and admit to being reassured to receive proofs of love, their companions do not skimp on small attentions and these everyday gestures make them feel even more loved and connected to their half.

Here is an anthology of proofs of love that will not fail to inspire you to show your turn of a little love…

My love, I’m writing this letter to tell you …

“After dating six years, we said yes five years ago. You might think that our relationship has become monotonous. It is nothing. Our love cries but is written. My husband puts a point of honor to drown myself in everyday words of love and beautiful speeches, little scribbled messages that I find every day slipped into my lunch bag. A gesture certainly outdated but so touching and authentic which I never get tired of “- Denise, 38

Laughing woman, forever in your life …

“We’ve been dating for two years and it’s always joy. The secret? My man is a real comedian who loves to see me laugh. I also owe him my constant good humor. He has an unmanageable gift for laughing and making laugh, it’s not bad on the contrary, I find that it distills positive vibes like no other could. “- Catherine, 26

As in the early days

“Married for ten years and s exually fulfilled as on the first day. We do not know of desert crossings. The basic rule is to always surprise ourselves and make love like teenagers, as in the time when we were younger and carefree. It is not only s ex that translates this unconditional love. We remember our wildest moments, the flame of our love is thus rekindled. “- Laura, 36

Listen to me comrade …

“Getting along and listening to each other is the key to our understanding. Communicating is not only talking about your problems at work, it is above all establishing a time for dialogue, whatever the case may be, to talk about desires or clear up a situation. What I like most about my companion is how he manages the dialogue brilliantly and takes advantage of our quarrels. When something bothers me leave your ego aside, listen to me carefully and it has the merit of appeasing me all at once. “- Marie, 31 years old

We air our couple

“We just moved into a small apartment, it’s pretty promiscuous for the two of us. Realizing that I need space, my guy does everything he can to let me breathe a little, he slowly disappears. We allow ourselves times of separation to find us better. Each of us cultivates the right distance without moving away from the other. “- Laurence, 27

Messiers, keep the toilet clean

“It is not glamorous and it seems phony said like that, but I realize how much my man cares about my well-being, when he does not fail to call to order our two roommates as to the use of the toilets, summoning them to shoot the telescope. Yet I never said a word to him about it. I think it’s the best of self-denial. “- Emanuelle, 25

Sacred mother, sacred love

“My mother is sacred, she is my idol and my icon. My husband has a very close relationship with her, he calls her very often to hear from her, covers her with attentions, this kindness that he has towards it touches me deeply. “- Louise, 37


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