7 obvious signs to unmask an unfaithful man!

A man and a woman are different from an anatomical point of view but also behavioral. They have different conceptions of love and express themselves differently. So sometimes the communication is complicated and the misunderstandings accumulate until the betrayal of one of the partners. But early signs may reveal infidelity!

Be it emotional betrayal, that is, thinking of someone else in a more than friendly way and seducing them, or physical betrayal; infidelity casts doubt on the whole relationship of love that unites the partners.

In the case of the unfaithful man, it is justified to ask why this need to go elsewhere. Far from the hormonal stereotype, pride, sexual routine, fear of engagement or revenge are among the explanations for this betrayal. But it is possible to see the warning signs of infidelity, so here are the 7 flagrant signs that your man is unfaithful: 

1- His friends are distant in your presence

You know all his friends, like any self-respecting couple, but you have noticed that lately, they are different with you. They are distant and hardly dare to speak to you for more than five seconds! A man always tells his best friends what is going on in his relationship and they are aware of a possible infidelity. 

2- He is more attentive 

Although he is usually affectionate with you, at the moment he is even more attentive. At first, it sounds nice to you and comforts you with the idea that he loves you, but the more days pass, the more you wonder if that momentum of affection suddenly hides something. Indeed, his guilt pushes him to cover you with affection so that he can have “good conscience”. 

3- He works later in the evening 

Not that your man does not like to work and that he has no responsibility in his work, but before he tried to return as soon as possible to find you. He made the difference between private and professional life, except that since some time his work meetings drag on and he is constantly in a videoconference with a Chinese counterpart named Robert. Unless you’re candid, be careful of a Robert with a chest!  

4- He takes care of himself

He always makes the effort to please you and take a minimum of care, but in recent days he has become a real “metrosexual”. Clothing, moisturizing care, close shave, everything is perfect, every day of the week, which surprises you enormously knowing its usual lack of interest for its image on a Sunday. He looks at himself more and more in the mirror and looks at you less and less …

5- He spends more time on his phone

Whether it’s for his videoconference with Robert, or his future outing with his friends, your Jules spends his time on his phone and strokes faster than his shadow! He changed his password and your love wallpaper disappeared. So distrust! 

6- He prefers to spend his free time without you 

Already he’s late at night at work, you noticed that he is increasingly absent on the weekend and he does not expect anything with you – the races only – he always has a football match between friends or a high school alumni meeting. All excuses are good for spending time away from you, claiming he needs to unwind from his hard week. 

7- He has mood swings 

One day, he loves you and you are wonderful, then the next minute, he overwhelms you with reproaches. Unless you are bipolar, your man is surely comparing you mentally with his mistress or feeling guilty. He cuddles you because he feels bad to lie to you but at the same time, he reproaches you for anything because he wants to go away. This is the paradox of infidelity!


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