7 evidence that your partner is abusing you

Emotional abuse and emotional abuse are aggressive behaviors that manifest as actions or words that may hurt the other person. In the long run, this form of violence can lead to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

Victims of emotional abuse tend to blame themselves, following manipulation and intimidation. This prevents them from opening their eyes and becoming aware of the situation in which they are. In a couple, especially, emotional abuse can destroy the person. Discover the warning signs of an abusive relationship that should not be neglected.

7 signs that you are in an abusive relationship

Your partner humbles you

He takes pleasure in ridiculing you or making fun of you in public. You are his favorite joke topic and he does not hesitate to divulge your secrets or talk about your private life to others while he knows very well that you prefer to keep these details for yourself. These behaviors are obviously very embarrassing.

Your partner criticizes you

Your partner does not hesitate to point out your faults whenever he has the opportunity, and constantly belittles you? But when the roles are reversed and you criticize him, although constructive, he becomes aggressive and gets angry because you have highlighted his weaknesses and flaws?
Criticism or criticism from time to time may be acceptable, but when it becomes constant and concerns everything you do or say, it can seriously impact you!

Your partner blames you for everything

He always tries to persuade you that everything is your fault. Any problems in your relationship, personal problems or even bad mood are your fault. You do not need any other signs to know that you are in an abusive relationship!

Your partner controls you

You can not take a step or make a decision without asking your partner’s opinion, or even take permission. It controls everything in your life: your money, your future and even your relationships. He does not like when you go to visit your family and go out with your friends, and calls you all the time to find out what you are doing when you are not together.
He does his best to keep you away from all around you so that you are totally dependent on him. So, no one will notice his abusive behavior and save you. This kind of person also tends to impose his opinion, it is almost impossible to discuss.

Your partner neglects your feelings

Your feelings are the last of his worries, no matter the situation. Your partner can hurt you with his words or behavior without considering the effects of his actions.
He is also not very attentive and almost never expresses his affection.

Your partner punishes you

When you make a “mistake”, according to your partner, the latter does not hesitate to punish you to discuss it. He can sulk, refuse to talk to you or neglect you completely. This type of behavior is considered a form of emotional abuse. Your partner can also make you look cold, even threatening. You will end up being afraid of finding yourself alone with him.

Your partner does not give you importance

Your opinion, your achievements and even your future do not matter to him. You always go last and you never get support from him. Worse, it always makes you feel that you have no value, that you are incapable of anything, and that whatever you do, you are never good enough for him. He always tells you that he can be better than you and that you must feel happy to be with someone like him.
Over time, you will seriously begin to believe that you are not worth anything. As much to distance oneself.


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