6 things that all women need to know about men

For many, women need a guide to be understood, while men are more direct and easier to live with. Yet men are often misunderstood! The latter are generally considered cowardly in love, sometimes benevolent and afraid of commitment. Clichés can be very reductive, especially that they are not all true or at least do not apply to everyone. Ladies, here are 6 facts to know about men.

Understanding a person requires some knowledge of his or her background and way of life. But between men and women, it is well known that the latter are more complicated to understand, while men are not. However, they remain poorly understood, especially in a couple, where the partner often judges the acts and behaviors according to known clichés and stereotypes about men.

To put an end to these prejudices that have a hard time, here are 6 facts to know about men:

Fact 1:

The men always react when women show their interest, they can not ignore their advances. This is obviously about single men, because those who are in relationship and who are faithful to their partner will certainly not give in.

This attitude is generally contrary to those of women who rarely respond to men’s signals.
So, if someone interests you, do not hesitate to let him know!

Fact 2:

Men are generally attracted to two types of women. Yes, men tend to categorize women as they do too.
They thus have a preference for irresistible women, according to their own criteria which vary according to each man, but also the simple and natural women and who have a beautiful personality.

Fact 3:

This is obviously not a general rule, but when men want to fit, they choose simple women. They can run after irresistible women, but when it comes to stabilizing and starting a family, they are turning to the second category of women. According to them, this kind of women is more caring, more responsible and can take care of their children.

This fact obviously does not apply to all men, to each one’s preferences. Especially since an irresistible woman, is not necessarily irresponsible or does not try to stabilize!

Fact 4:

It is well known that men place much more importance on carnal pleasures than women. Again, this is not a general rule, because for many women this side is just as important.

But while men’s greed for sex is blatant, it’s important to know that men never rely on it to choose their partner.
Indeed, when it comes to finding true love and the ideal person, with whom they will continue their life, men do not consider this side as the most important criterion. They will focus instead on the qualities of the person, his personality and the complicity that unites them.

Fact 5:

Men are renowned for their fear of commitment. They are afraid of losing their freedom and independence for life together! But this is not the case for all men. When they find the right person, who has the same vision of things as they do, and they think the ideal time, they do not hesitate to engage in a serious relationship that can last a lifetime.

Men are not all unfaithful! When they are satisfied with their life as a couple, they do not look elsewhere and remain committed and loyal.

Fact 6:

Men value and appreciate a lot of qualities in women, but if they only had to choose one, it would certainly be the fact that they are always at their side. May they be there when they need them and support them in difficult times.


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