6 signs that your relationship is in danger

The key to a successful marriage is communication, the more the couple communicates the more it guarantees the continuity of their union. However, a relationship can go through critical moments that risk destroying everything. It will, therefore, be necessary to be able to detect what is wrong and act accordingly. This list is not exhaustive, but here are the 6 sentences that your husband could say that show that your marriage is in danger!

Whether a couple is a new couple or long-established, there are basic rules to follow. The life of a couple is a challenge, and no one can hope to discover the miracle recipe that will coexist two different people but the wisdom of experts in the field to enlighten us on this. 

Here are the 3 secrets of a happy marriage

Marriage does not mean happiness 

When parents or grandparents give us lessons about marriage, they explain that this union offers the couple the opportunity to share the challenges of life with the loved one. Whatever the size of the difficulty that the couple may encounter, when the union is invaded by altruism, happiness is systematically felt.

Forgetting is a gift

Albert Schweitzer wrote: “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. “. Forgetting is, therefore, a gift from heaven that makes it possible to go beyond the stage of errors, because if both of them focus on the defects of the other, it will only see them. While the other surely has qualities for which you married him the first day.


When two people live together, they can not always be on the same wavelength. If at each argument, everyone says he is right and he is not ready to listen to the other, there will be no way out. To continue regardless of who’s right, the couple must be able to compromise.
It’s certainly not easy to follow these tips, so be careful not to neglect these warning signs of a marriage in danger in order to act quickly.

The warning signs of a marriage in danger

1. “You do not understand me.”

Men come from Mars, women come from Venus. That’s why they have trouble understanding each other. And sometimes spouses can not communicate easily. But if this sentence becomes repetitive, it will take time to listen to your partner to be able to understand and act accordingly.

2. “I’m bored.”

The most unhappy husbands are bored husbands. If he tells you he’s bored quite often, then do something to change that. Surprise him with a creative idea, like a trip to a city where he has never been before or something like that. It is important to make a marriage alive and avoid routine.

3. “Why do not you like …?”

Being compared to other people by your husband is a big problem. If he compares you to his friends, colleagues, or even to the neighbor, then he does not appreciate you for what you are. In this case, ask him what does he want you to look like and why he can not appreciate you for what you are? 

Start this discussion with tact and delicacy, the dispute will not lead to much in this kind of situation.

4. “It’s how you want” or “Everything you say is good!”

These two similar expressions indicate a lack of interest in what you want and / or what you do. He does not say these sentences because he is subject to you, on the contrary, he is not interested in your proposal and has nothing to wax with it. This attitude clearly shows that there is a lack of passion and passion in your marriage.

5. “You’re not the person I fell in love with any more”

If he often says this sentence, he is probably not aware that people are changing, not only physically, but also emotionally.
He probably does not understand that he is not the same person he was when you first met. You and your husband must both change and grow together to have a healthy marriage.

6. “You will never change.”

If he tells you that, ask him what you do that irritates him and what makes him say that you will never change. Find together things you can change yourself and accept things you can not change.


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