6 signs that you are made for each other

Love comes into our lives through an encounter, often unexpected, but always magical. A love at first sight, a mutual attraction, an instinctive understanding and here is our heart beating wildly for this other who reminds us of a part of ourselves. As if we have known each other for a long time, we always think about this question “Are we made for each other?”

Like all couples who make and break, we often try to be sure of this new meeting, to know if it is “the good”. Almost as a life goal for some, the soul mate, the one who could guess every part of our being, each of our moods, and vice versa, would be entirely compatible with us. But how can we know that we have found this person who is intended for us?

This is what you have been wondering since this famous meeting, and even if in love, there is no exact science, here are the 6 signs that indicate that you are made for each other: 

1- You respect each other

Although it seems obvious, you respect each other and are honest with each other, and it is certainly one of the purest forms of love. Respect is the basis of a healthy relationship, but it is based on great trust in others and a certain maturity.

2- You share the same interests

You share the same culinary tastes, the same hobbies and the same passions concerning sport, cinema, etc. You are in perfect harmony and it is a sign of longevity for your relationship.

3- You confide in each other

You confide in your biggest secrets, having enough confidence in each other. You share your fears and worries and all the things you couldn’t tell someone else. You are perfect confidants.

4- You are not jealous

You love spending time together but respect the time that each one needs individually. You are not dependent on each other or possessive, and understand that before being happy in a relationship, each partner needs to meet personally to give the best of themselves within the couple.

5- You argue

Obviously, like any couple in good health, you happen to play you. Disputes are proof of the strength of your relationship because even if you do not agree on certain things, you always find compromises. So don’t worry about the future choice of TV program!

6- You finish each other’s sentences

Like your symbiosis, and even if it may seem cliché, you finish each other’s sentences. You know each other so well that you are able to clearly guess what your partner thinks and wants to say, without consulting with you before. This means that you can be entirely yourself with your companion.


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