6 reasons why a woman leaves the man she loves

It is said that a woman is in love with love, and therefore more concerned with bringing happiness to the man she loves and making a successful marriage. Also, all the means are good to perfect his life of a couple: matrimonial consultations, books of conjugal advice … Nothing is left to chance to save his union with the man of his life. However, many women, after much effort, complain and remain dissatisfied and for good reason, the indifference of their spouse with respect to their married life and their happiness.

As a result, there are conflicts that result in a number of separations and divorces that continue to increase. Frustrated and disappointed, most of these women prefer to leave and leave the marital home, leaving behind a few years of marriage, littered with memories that, after all, become bitter. All the hopes that they build to build a happy union evaporate and evaporate, faced with the nonchalance and inability of their partners to make efforts to resolve any difficulties that arise; the woman being the main source of strength for the resolution of these conflicts. But when this source diminishes, the union collapses and vanishes.

Also, the reason that most women explain their flight from the marital home is what is called mental cruelty. Far from being physical, this cruelty is more like the indifference of the partner, his lack of communication and his negligence, which can be physical as well as emotional.

Here are the 6 reasons why a woman can leave a man, even if she is in love:

The loneliness she feels

Faced with her loneliness, the woman feels helpless; it is a solitude of a completely different kind that could be described as psychological isolation. Even with the presence of his partner, the abandonment is felt. The thoughts of the latter are elsewhere, his attention is focused on a different kind of attraction. Her interests are not compatible with those of the woman who shares her life.

His unrecognized efforts

Despite all the hard work she is doing to save her marriage, her efforts are in vain. This woman, who is as thriving as she is, is neither noticed nor listened to by her partner. Communication is almost non-existent within the couple, whereas all psychologists agree that communication is the basis of the success of a peaceful and happy relationship.

He does not make her feel sexy

Contrary to popular belief, women also have a say in their sexuality, since they feel as much as the man’s sexual routine when he settles. If a man makes no effort to introduce romanticism into his life as a couple, his wife may simply feel this as neglect on his part resulting in a lack of sexual attraction to her.

She feels that her needs are changing differently

It is true that over time, the needs and desires of both spouses evolve differently. This could be a different personal evolution or a hormonal imbalance inherent to age. But when love is present, it transcends those dark phases of life that invade most couples. In the opposite case, the woman prefers to move on rather than cross these destructive waves of life alone, without having a man at her side who can surf with her through the flood of complications of existence, yet so simple to manage.

Spontaneity has no place in the couple

The lack of spontaneity in the character of the partners is as detrimental as that of sexuality. A woman needs to be surprised, not taken for granted. When a man finds himself consumed by daily routine, he tends to be consumed by embarrassment and annoyance, setting aside his wife who, however, could be of great help in many cases.

She does not feel connected with her man anymore

The woman of the 21st century needs to feel connected to her man and that the latter invites him into his life and invites him into every nook and cranny of his life. She needs to feel her trust, her emotional bond that binds her to him, a strong and uncompromising intimacy that nothing could disassemble.

A woman does not leave a companion who solicits her and invites her into her own life. She only asks to be welcome in the life of her man. She just needs to be loved and loved for who she is, respected for her values ​​and considered an irreplaceable life partner.

It is so simple!


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