That’s it! Your finger finally landed on the globe and you decided to embark for a specific destination: Turkey.

Less than 4 hours flight from Paris, at the intersection between Europe and Asia Minor, Turkey offers those who wish to discover a multitude of activities and tours that will take you to a whole new world. Its unique landscapes will transport you, both physically and spiritually.

This mosaic of civilization that is called Turkey includes in its territory many natural, cultural and intangible properties that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, which illustrates its cultural importance in the world.

But one question remains unanswered. Which of the hundreds of sites to explore should focus your attention? It is this question that motivated the writing of this article listing the 21 places you must visit during your stay in Turkey.

1 – The Blue Mosque (Istanbul)

Located in the historic district of Sultan Ahmet, the Blue Mosque, the jewel of Ottoman architecture, is the most famous mosque of the city of Istanbul. Created in the 15th century, its name comes from the few thousand blue Iznik tiles adorning its walls. Giving to the whole of the Mosque an almost unreal blue atmosphere that will not fail to fascinate you…

2 – The Archaeological Museum (Istanbul)

This museum actually gathers three different museums that will delight all history lovers, with a collection of over a million objects in its walls representing almost all the civilizations that have existed in world history. On the first floor is the main Archaeological Museum that will open its doors: the Museum of Antiquities. This one will present you a multitude of objects among which one can distinguish the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great and a library of 70 000 works.

Then comes the Museum of Works of the Ancient Orient which will tell you about the ancient civilizations who lived in Turkey with archives on cuneiform documents and a collection of objects from ancient civilizations such as Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Anatolian civilizations, Roman and others.
The Glazed Pavilion Museum has a large number of ceramics

3 – The City of Amasya

Ex-capital of Helenopont, former Ottoman city and current capital of the Turkish province of the same name, Amasya is renowned for its natural and tranquil charm. The few tourists who linger there can be satiated with its magnificent traditional Ottoman houses, the tombs of the Kings of the Bridge, the library Bayezid II but also its Bayezid II Mosque built-in 1486. ​​The city is surrounded by mountains and mountains. is crossed by the Yesilirmak river. You will be able to contemplate the magnificent landscapes which you will remember for a long time.

4 – Dolmabahce Palace (Istanbul)

Located on the European edge of the Bosphorus, the Dolmabahçe Palace was for almost 50 years the main residence of the Sultan. It is now open to the public as a museum managed by the Directorate of the National Palace.

This magnificent palace of a chaste white marble surprises tourists. Because of its imposing appearance but also by the presence inside the palace of pendulums having all been stopped at 9:05 because it is at this time that Mustafa Kemal, said Atatürk “the Father of the Turks” is dead. Since then, the time has stopped in the Palace to pay him eternal homage.

In the Dolmabahçe Palace, luxury is clearly displayed with a multitude of porcelain and Victorian furniture with the presence of a crystal chandelier weighing nearly 4.5 tons.

5 – The Aniktabir Mausoleum (Ankara)

This is the most visited place in Turkey because it is here that Atatürk, the Founder and first President of the Turkish Republic, is buried. This great leader is venerated by the Turks because it was he who triggered the war of independence that rocked the sultanate, which established secularism in Turkey while Westernizing the latter.

The recognition of the Turks towards their “father” is easily reflected in the ostentation of the mausoleum. Walking along with the lions long walk you will come to a large square surrounded by several museums each containing objects that belonged to Atatürk. An elevated building with airy lines as for him, encloses the body of Mustapha Kemal.

Every year on November 10, the anniversary of his death, a great commemoration is held at the mausoleum in honor of one of the greatest leaders Turkey has ever known.

6 – The ancient site of Ephesus (Selcuk), a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Whether you are passionate about ancient history and archeology or not you will not be disappointed by the ancient site of Ephesus, a true symbol of Turkey. This one combines the superlatives and thus qualifies as the biggest, the most frequented and the best preserved of the ancient cities of Turkey. Near the cities of Selçuk and Kusadas, you can admire in this historic city agora (gathering place in antiquity), a theater, the library of Celsus, the statue of Aphrodite, baths, several temples such as Hadrian’s and many other artifacts that will make you return to the past.

On the other hand, in the city of Ephesus are the remains of what was once considered the seventh Wonder of the World: the temple dedicated to Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

7 – The city of Bodrum

In the 1960s, a resort popular with the Istanbul bourgeoisie and foreign tourists, the city that is sometimes called the “Turkish Saint-Tropez” is a landmark destination for its beautiful beaches and its Bodrum Yalikavak harbor. Turkish coffee but also by natural and archaeological sites located near the city.

Here you can visit the medieval St. Peter’s Castle overlooking the Aegean Sea, an Amphora collection from the region and also an underwater archeology museum, an ancient 13,000-seat theater and the remains of the tomb of Halikarnasse. being nothing less than one of the 7 Wonders of the World, all in a peaceful and pleasant setting.


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