50 SMS to say hello my love

Messages to say hello my heart

You have found the rare pearl and each morning you bless God for putting such an exceptional person in your path. You are happy to be in love and you spend every moment of your life thinking about your other half.

You even dream of him/her and in the early morning, when you have slept separately, you miss the other. Take inspiration from these 50 messages to say hello to remind him how much he (she) means to you.

Hello to you

Have you dreamed of your other half? Wish her a good day with these few messages.

1. Hello, my little love… Did you sleep well? I missed your body all night, I took a pillow in my arms to pretend you were there … But that’s not enough!

2. Hello you! Look how sunny it is, it doesn’t make me want to go to work at all but rather to walk around in a sunny park with you!

3. Hi my angel, I hope I don’t wake you up. I still dreamed of you all night … I need my dose of you!

4. Hello, love of my life! Tonight I dreamed of your body, your mouth, your smell … A real delight! But there I just woke up and I’m very sad not to see you in bed…

5. My little heart… I was cold last night, feet frozen… I need you, you know? ! You are the only human warmth that accepts my frozen feet. I love you, can’t wait for you to come and warm me up!

6. Hello my love, a little message to wish you a nice day! I can’t wait to find you tonight!

7. Hello my heart, beware: the weather has just announced a torrential rain of kisses on the neck and a thunderstorm of love with the risk of sleet of sweets!

8. Hello, my love, you see? As soon as I wake up I think of you. Have a good day!

9. Just a little message to remind you that for me you are unique and exceptional and that I hope your day will be too.

10. Hi there. Close your eyes … Then imagine that I kiss you. That’s it? Cool, well it’s good you can start your day!

Messages to say hello my love

What’s the best way to tell her that you love her? Send him a hello message to let him know that you are thinking of him (her) in the morning.

11. Today, there will be times when you will be fed up, fed up with the metro, pigeons, your boss, your keyboard, etc… And in those moments I would like you to remember that I think to you and that I love you. Have a nice day baby.

12. I thought of you all night, and I will think of you all day my darling, kiss!

13. Hello you, if today we do not write, know that I love you very much anyway.

14. Hello my heart, just to tell you that I can’t wait to finally say hello, other than by text.

15. I missed your arms last night, I can’t wait to be this afternoon.

16. It is comforting to know that somewhere someone who loves you is thinking of you. Well, know that I will think of you all day.

17. A text message to wish you a good day, to tell you that I love you. And to put you in a good mood.

18. I love mornings because I know that I will send you a little message to wish you a good day and that a little smile will appear on our faces. It’s a great way to start the day!

19. I love you when I wake up when I see you by my side … I love you in the morning when I think of you while having my coffee. Have a good day.

20. The night ends, a day begins, may these few words light up your face like the sun lights up the day. Hello, my love.

SMS to say hello my heart

Wake up your other half by telling her that you are thinking of him/her.

21. My love, I send you a golden hello on a flying carpet bordered with 1000 flowers in 1000 colors to wish you a beautiful and wonderful life.

22. Today I know what paradise is: to be with you my heart. I send you a lot of love and joy to you, my darling, on this day when my heart seeks only your happiness.

23. My love, I send you a big hello, hotter than the sun, clearer than the moon and more beautiful than the day.

24. Words of love that I send you every day to tell you that I love you forever. Hello, my love.

25. Hello, I am a special SMS who thinks alone … I searched among the most adorable people in the directory and I chose you to say hello.

26. This little SMS is a message of tenderness that confesses you with the most beautiful poetry that I cannot live without you, I think of you every second of my life, I love you madly.

27. Hello, my love… I fall asleep dreaming of you, I wake up thinking of you, I spend the day longing for you!

28. Just a little romantic SMS to tell you that I love you and miss you too much. Have a good day.

29. I hope you felt warmth and softness this morning when you woke up? Because I sent you a hug and a kiss hard with the thought. Have a nice day.

30. You are the first thought I had this morning! Good day to you!

Hello romantic

Prove to him that you have a romantic streak by sending him these poetry-filled text messages.

31. I am a magic kiss, I crossed the whole city to ask myself on your lips and say “Hello My Love”. I love you, have a nice day.

32. Put your left hand on your right shoulder and your right hand on your left shoulder. Now imagine that it is I who give you a morning hug.

33. A soft kiss on your forehead to wake you up; a soft touch on your cheeks to make you smile, I love you, my love.

34. This message is not intended to wake you up but to give you kisses all over your body and on your sulfurous lips. This message is called your half. Hello, my love!

35. This SMS is to wish you a good day with great tenderness. May each of the moments of this day be a poem whose poetry embellishes your life.

36. Open your eyes and look at this little morning paradise that awaits you, I send you the rays of the sun to light up your day … I love you!

37. Nothing makes my day happier than an SMS from you. So I’m going to make your day wonderful by sending you lots of SMS. Hello, my heart!

38. You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves of my ocean and the beating of my heart… Hello, my (my) darling!

39. I’m sending you a basket full of flowers to make your day a little better, just to let you know that you’re on my mind.

40. Even though we couldn’t spend the night together, my mind is already filled with thoughts for you this morning. Have a nice day sweet Heart.

Hello original

Show your love unconventionally with these few original love messages.

41. Your night is over, mine too. Life begins again. And my heart is near you. I love you so much, hello my heart.

42. Hello, my love. A little text to put a smile on your sweet face to start the day off right. I kiss you.

43. For me, the best way to start a day is to text you to say “I love you and have a good day”!

44. You are still in Morphée’s arms but I am sending you this SMS to say hello my love because it is the best moment of my day!

45. Here is a simple message to say hello. So hello sweetheart … Have a great day and come back to me quickly!

46. ​​I envy the sun because it is the first to light up your face in the early morning. Hello my darling, I love you with all my heart.

47. Message to say hello … For lack of imagination, I have originality. Have a nice day sweet Heart.

48. Let me fill your day of tenderness with this little message to say hello. I think of you as soon as I open my eyes in the morning and close them in the evening.

49. Every morning I look at your photo and every morning I fall in love with you. Hello, my heart!

50. What could be better than waking up in the morning and seeing a message of love on your phone? Nothing! So, hello my heart … I love you very much!

Were you inspired? We hope so. These 50 messages to say hello my heart are a great way to tell your other half that you think of him/her when you wake up.


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