5 tips to spend less at Christmas

Soon Christmas and its farandoles of gifts will arrive! OKAY! We love the end of the year, but it’s not a reason to ruin with objects or food too expensive. Christmas is not a contest to spend as much money as possible! So, to make you happy without breaking the bank, here are some tips to save money.

Find discount codes and tips

There are many, especially in the age of the internet! For example, you can go to the Radins.com website to find a coupon code valid at Amazon! The Amazon site is already an opportunity to make your purchases at low prices, but with the promotions of Radins.com, you really make sure the best rates of the moment.

Just click to discover the coupon code, copy it on the Radins website and then go to Amazon. At the time of confirming the order, you will see that there is a box ”  promo code “. Copy the code and validate. The total of your order is then displayed with the discount proposed by stubs.

Coupon codes are available year-round and you’ll find for all the products you want to buy on the Internet. Food, children’s toys, books, music or furniture, be smart and do not buy your products full pot!

Do your shopping a few months before

Who said you had to wait until Christmas Eve to buy the gifts or the bottles you will eat at Christmas? Nobody forces you! As we know, department stores tend to inflate prices a few days before the holidays. So we adopt a more cunning technique by ordering products and gifts in October or November.

You will get the objects at a normal price and without paying the greed of suppliers. I ask at the beginning of October to my daughter to tell me what would make her happy for Christmas, then I’m looking for the best rates. By doing this, you also avoid buying in a rush and therefore buying at prohibitive prices.

We make the gifts ourselves

The DIY (Do It Yourself) is totally trendy! Your guests will be touched as you have a personal thought for them.

Far from the objects we buy and give, DIY objects are an opportunity to show that you care about your loved ones. There are many opportunities to make objects yourself. You can find tutorials all over the Internet to create a unique setting, knit an elegant shawl or prepare natural beauty care that you present in pretty pots decorated by you.

I also like to propose a personalized brownie kit. In a large jar, you make layers with the different ingredients to mix together. And for a perfect jar, print the recipe or a special label to give instructions to your loved ones. It’s an original idea and greedy! Surround the jar with a natural tie or a patterned Christmas fabric. There are many possibilities for a wide variety of recipes according to everyone’s tastes. You can also simply prepare a jam, jelly or salty terrines that you place in a gourmet basket.

Offer services!

You do not have a lot of money to make Christmas presents? No problem! Offer your know-how or time! If your sister always runs between children, work and housework, offer her a voucher to keep her children for 3 hours. She will surely be happier to have time for her than to receive a fancy object that may not serve her well.

And if you enjoy gardening, why not offer an afternoon of hedging or cutting a lawn to your parents? With these services that you will make, it is also the Christmas spirit that comes back. Last Christmas, I offered a voucher for a massage to my husband. I had prepared the room with a subdued atmosphere, small scented candles, Zen music and bought a massage oil. He was delighted that I took time for him to relax and I enjoyed the moment of sharing.

Be especially imaginative. We all have hidden talents that can be used by others! A cooking class, the possibility of having an animal kept, everything is possible with this kind of gifts.

Personalize the gifts

Everyone loves to see the pictures of the good times together! But often our photos are stored on the computer and we look at them very rarely.

So, to honor the moments of happiness, I propose to test the printing of a photo book. With the many offers available to you, you will be spoiled for choice on the platforms! Choose an easy to use and fast tool. No need to spend 6 months doing a photo album! In a few clicks, you will create a very elegant and precious object.

You can also add some fun text or small shapes to your pages to make it more dynamic. Check the quality of your photos so that the rendering is impeccable. The advantage of this type of gift is that once created, the album can be reprinted as many times as you like. So we make a group shot for grandparents, parents or siblings!

Other media are offered as printed canvases or magnets to stick on the fridge. To brighten up a house, we also think of cushions, personalized mugs or a jumble to hang in the living room. The little ones in the household will also be happy to have a personalized book in their name. Still small cheap items that will make a sensational effect for the holiday season!

With all these tips for cheaper Christmas gifts, you will be able to fill your loved ones without putting you in financial difficulty! Fill your little pig piggy bank and save without disappointing your guests!


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