5 Tips to make your relationship last

And now you are happy and in love! Cupid has shot his arrow and since then you have been swimming in total happiness. Every morning, hardly your eyes are opened when you find yourself thanking the chance to be so happy.
There is a rumor that love only lasts 3 years. Silence her by staying with your man until the end of your life!
Yes but how ? How to make a couple last a lifetime? How to be happy together as long as possible? By following these simple and terribly effective tips and advice, you will already be able to get some tips to make your couple last a long time!

1 / Love yourself

It is first of all very important that before loving someone else, you must first love yourself! It is indeed impossible to give something that one does not have.
Love is acceptance, as much of yourself as of the other. Learning to love yourself as you are is the first necessary step in developing self-esteem.
This will then allow you to live a fulfilling and balanced couple relationship.

2 / Never stop surprising yourself

As time goes on, it’s easy to settle into a comfortable routine. This is absolutely to be avoided! Monotony kills sneaky and infallible love.
From time to time, step out of your comfort zone with unexpected declarations of love, romantic sms, improvised candlelit dinners or a playlist of his favorite songs played by surprise at breakfast.
These simple gestures will continue to make you addicted to each other.

3 / Do something special on a fixed date

It could be trying a new restaurant every two weeks, celebrating your date each year, or spending time just for the two of you every Friday night.
It may sound like a routine, but as long as the desire to spend this time together is present, this habit will keep your couple’s flame alive.

4 / cultivate a secret garden

This may seem paradoxical, but for a relationship to last a long time, it is necessary not to give up on it completely.
If you like painting, don’t give up on your art classes just to spend more time with your partner.
If you liked going out with your friends before meeting him, keep doing it as before, even if you have a mad desire to stay with him!
Not only will this allow you both to have private moments, but in addition, your personal epics will also make excellent topics of conversation.

5 / Learn your partner’s intimate preferences

Intimacy is important in a couple. Intimate relationships are a significant part of the success of any relationship. Without crossing your personal limits, take an interest in the fantasies of your soul mate and do not hesitate to try new experiences.
Intimacy is above all a moment of exchange. If your companion cares about you, it is with pleasure that he will learn the techniques that will fill you up in bed.

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