With the holidays approaching (or for some, who have already passed), the question that the best travelers ask themselves is how to pay less for their holiday accommodation. Housing is one of the most important expense items when traveling, it is necessary to think in advance. By saving on housing, you will reduce your holiday budget considerably, and you will be able to spend more elsewhere (outings, souvenirs, etc.).

If you prefer, like me, renting accommodation via AirBnb for your holidays, here are 5 tips to reduce the rating:

  • Tip # 1: Do not pay the cleaning fee

Cleaning fees are included in the final rental price in most rented accommodations on Airbnb. These are the fees that allow the tenant to pay a household after your departure instead of doing it himself. It is, therefore, his remuneration for the time spent. You can see them displayed clearly just above the total bill.

There are few people who realize this, but you can do the housework yourself before you leave. It is, therefore, possible to contact the owner of the accommodation before booking and ask if the cleaning fee can be removed. For example, when I return the accommodation, I always make it in perfect condition. I myself own and I can not stand to leave the premises in bad condition. If you are already doing this job, negotiate that with the tenant.

Of course, your request will not be accepted in 100% of cases, but some owners will accept it quite easily. This will save you between $30 and $150 per booking depending on the size of the accommodation. It’s up to you to see what’s important to you: spend 1 hour before departure cleaning (which many of you already do) and reduce the bill, or not sacrificing time and agreeing to pay for it to be done after you leave.

Namely that your history on Airbnb and reviews on your previous rentals will play in your favor (or vice versa). The positive reviews that the owners will leave on your profile and those who note that you have made the accommodation in perfect condition, will help you negotiate the fees and will greatly increase the likelihood that the landlord will accept.

    • Tip # 2: Focus on new owners

    New homeowners who are new to Airbnb for the first time and do not yet have the rental history or traveler ratings, often agree to make an attractive price to attract customers. They are looking to rent their homes quickly and have good grades that will reassure future tenants.

    Going through novice homeowners, you can get a better price, but this solution is made for those who are willing to take a little more risk during their trip. New homeowners are not always in a rental organization, so be prepared to have a less equipped apartment or the owner who is late for check-in or who does not know how to answer all your questions. You will have less information about housing (nuisance, quality of internet access, etc.) and you can only rely on the descriptions on the site. It’s up to you to judge if you’re willing to accept that to reduce the rating.

    PS: Remember to see if this host has other properties for rent or if he manages several apartments. In this case, look at the reviews of other apartments that are related to the host (answers to questions, attention to details, pleasant/unpleasant, etc.). This will give you good clues to undertake the experience of your rental.

    • Tip # 3: Reduce the score with sponsorship

    For all new registrants, Airbnb offers up to $30 for your first booking. This is a good way for Airbnb to attract new customers. It’s a good way for you to save money if you use the service for the first time. And for those who are already registered … nothing prevents you from creating a new account ? #just saying

    • Tip # 4: Negotiate!

    Negotiate the price directly with the owners … yes, you can do it!

    You can send a message to the owner before booking your accommodation, Airbnb gives you this opportunity. The chat is designed so that you can ask all your questions about the apartment and your stay before booking. You can also use it to request a discount on the price. If the owner accepts it, he can make you an offer directly in the chat and you can book with the new price.

    It will not go for high demand housing (studios or T2 for example), in the city center and during summer periods, but there are cases where negotiation is required. And especially:

    • Long term rentals
    • Housing that is atypical and more difficult to rent (apartments or villas with many rooms, but few beds, for example.) Or the apartments or villas for several families – what is the probability that it will be rented often in the place or you go?)
    • Housing that is not (objectively) in very good condition
    • Accommodations outside tourist areas
    • Places with little rental demand (where it is complicated or rare to rent)
    • Rentals outside the summer seasons

    In fact, all the reasons are good and you can always try a rabai. Acceptance of your request is not guaranteed, but it happens more often than we think.

    After, it’s a negotiation. To increase your chances, highlight what the owner can “win” with you – an apartment that you will make clean the day of your departure, a history of rentals with good advice, saying that you are careful with the cleanliness housing … etc!

    • Tip # 5: Play with your dates.

    In two words – extending your dates, you can get more interesting prices because often the hosts make a discount on the prices of one week / 10 days / 1 whole month.

    And here, I hope this article has been useful to you! Have you ever tried any of these tips? Do you know any other tips to pay for your expensive AirBnb’s? Leave me a word in the comments!


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