5 things you need to talk about before getting married

When deciding to marry, couples are generally very much in love and start from the intention of loving and cherishing themselves until death separates them. It is true that some couples succeed in keeping this promise made before the altar, but others fail and see their marriage collapse before their eyes. In fact, despite love and s exual intercourse, a couple cannot last if the two partners have completely different visions of life. To avoid this, here are 5 conversations to have absolutely with your partner, before marriage.

5 conversations to have with your partner before marriage

1 – The lines not to cross

Once married, the spouses must be ready to make concessions and to adapt to their new status as married men and women. So to avoid crises of jealousy and unnecessary arguments, we might as well talk openly about what is tolerated and what is not, to build our common life on good foundations. It is above all not a question of imposing rules which apply only to the other, but rather of finding compromises to be respected mutually and on several points: the relationship with friends and colleagues of the opposite s ex, trips and outings with friends, things to never do even during an argument, etc.

2 – Money

Financial worries are among the main sources of conflict or even divorce among couples. It is therefore important to know the financial management capabilities of your partner before marriage, especially if you want to pool your money and manage everything together. A partner who cannot manage a budget, who is in debt too much, who is addicted to shopping or who cannot make financial plans for the future will not help you achieve the financial stability you dream of for your future family.

3 – Faith

Faith is one of the bases that govern our behavior in society and influence our outlook on life. In order for two people to live together and lead peaceful lives, they must share the same faith, or at least be able to respect and understand that of the other. Because sharing your life with a partner who criticizes or makes fun of things that you consider sacred is not the best decision to make. So there is nothing wrong with asking your future spouse questions about his religion, his spiritual practices, his point of view in relation to the spiritual education of future children, etc. .

4 – The relationship with the (beautiful) family

According to the stereotypes, the relation with the (beautiful) family is often source of dispute. When one of the two partners is very close to his family, wants to spend the maximum of time with her and asks him advice for everything, while the other wishes to keep a little distance in order to preserve his intimacy and his independence, this does not fail to disrupt their relationship. It is therefore strongly recommended to speak clearly about your expectations and your needs in relation to your relationship with your respective families. Thus, you will avoid being overwhelmed by the pervasive presence of these or by your unfulfilled need to be close to them.Above all, try to understand your mutual needs and give yourself the chance to build healthy relationships, each with their respective in-laws.

5 – Children

Children are the fruits of love and their birth marks the beginning of a new life for their parents, provided of course that the latter wish to give birth to them . Yes, not everyone is ready to have children and to assume otherwise is a big mistake. So, before going to the altar, it would be best to discuss with your future husband / wife if he / she wants to have children , how much, what age difference, the methods of education to adopt , etc. Even if it seems to you that it is too early to speak on this subject, you certainly would not want to spend years of perfect married life, to realize that in the end, you cannot continue together because your partner is for physical punishment of children while for you it is mistreatment, or that he / she does not want to have children at all when you are dying to become a mom / dad.


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