5 things that make a woman leave her man

When two people decide to couple, each one must invest and make efforts to make the other happy. Because with the daily routine that settles gradually and puts the couple to the test, love alone is no longer enough to make the relationship last. Moreover, in some cases, separation remains the only solution, even if both partners still love each other. For proof, here are the 5 reasons why a woman prefers to leave her companion even if she still loves it!

Generally, women show great patience when they are in a relationship, and they continually strive to show their companions how much they love and care about them. But this behavior sometimes gives rise to a certain excess of confidence among the latter, who unconsciously begin to invest less in the couple. And just a click for the woman to stop everything and decide to drop the relationship where she does not feel fulfilled …
5 things that push a woman to break with a man she still loves:

1 – She feels helpless

The emotions that a woman feels towards a man are nourished by the interest and attention that she brings to her. So if she notices that you are not present in her daily life, that you are indifferent to her worries and her interests, it is her love for you that will decline. She could subtly make the remark, but if you ignore her or see that you do not want to make an effort, you may wake up one morning with a letter of rupture on the pillow next door.

2 – She was betrayed

In a couple, it is often the case that the partners hurt each other, but without intending to do so. All that is needed is a gentle word or a tender gesture to be forgiven and forgotten. But when it comes to infidelity, even emotional, a woman will never forgive you. Besides, do not try to make empty excuses like “she does not represent anything for me” or “I did not know what I was doing”. It is her pride that is hurt and she feels touched in her dignity, so do not be surprised to hear that she leaves you looking right in your eyes.

3 – Unceasing disputes

When two different personalities meet daily, it is perfectly normal, and even healthy, to have differences of opinion and to argue. This allows everyone to free themselves from their negative emotions and delimit their perimeter. But when the arguments are too frequent and without reason, there is reason to worry about the quality of the relationship. A woman could not stand a man who can not understand it and who tries to have the last word even when he is wrong. After a while, she will decide to drop everything.

4 – Her partner is not there when she needs him

When she loves, a woman does everything possible and imaginable to support her man and make him happy. She pushes him to improve and encourages him to give the best of himself, even when he goes through difficult times. That’s why she expects that he, too, will make efforts to support and support her when she needs it the most. Moreover, women generally seek a man who can protect and defend against all odds. So if you fail to be there when she needs you, do not be surprised if she announces her decision to stop everything. In life, we must give as much as we receive!

5 – She does not feel s exually desired or satisfied

It is true that men are more likely to talk about their s exual expectations, but women also attach great importance to it. This intimate act is considered by the women as a moment of sharing and attachment that tightens the bonds of the couple, and not as a mere part of pleasure. When things do not go as they should at this level, it can be detrimental to your relationship. Remember to listen to your partner to better know his expectations and desires to better meet them and reach a s exual agreement that brings you even closer to one another.


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