5 signs that your partner no longer loves you as before!

Love is a beautiful thing and is definitely worth sharing with someone who loves you in return. But unfortunately, not all relationships are eternal. At some point the flames of love fade, sometimes even, they disappear completely!

It doesn’t happen overnight, there are always tell-tale signs you can notice. Accepting this reality may take a little time, but you cannot ignore it forever. Below is a list of signs that may indicate that your partner no longer loves you as it did in the past.

1. No sign of affection:

If they don’t show their love for you more explicitly, chances are they won’t feel comfortable, especially if they show interest in someone else. Because when someone loves you, they show it with small or big gestures. And if your partner has no interest in showing you his love, it may mean that he is no longer there.

2. Busy doing something else:

If they seem more occupied with other things when you talk to them and don’t seem to care what you say, they probably don’t have the same feelings they used to have. They lose interest in you and don’t even try to hide it from you.

When someone loves you, it is never too busy for you and it gives you time, it puts you at the top of its priorities. But if your partner has run out of time, it probably means they are no longer in love with you.

3. Nothing to say:

When you go out with someone, you sometimes run out of talking points and you start to feel stuck in a rut. It is a sign that it is time for both of you to get up, do the best by saying goodbye. This also applies to couples, when you start to run out of topics for discussion, it is necessarily because things are no longer as before.

4. Never at home:

If your partner has some excuse for not being at home, it is likely that he is seeing someone else and it is only a matter of time before he ends your relationship because it no longer has the same feelings for you.

5. You still carry the blame:

When love is no longer there and your partner begins to blame you for everything that is wrong between you, it is basically the Universe that tells you that it is over and that it is time for you to separate.

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