5 Must know things about happy couples according to scientists

You are probably wondering what is the secret recipe for a long and loving relationship? Imagine that scientists and researchers have spent years studying happy couples to find out exactly what kept them linked like the fingers of one hand instead of looking for the closest exit to their relationship. There is no manual but here are some character traits that these shock duos seem to have in common:

1. They have a very active s ex life

There are a lot of advantages to having the atmosphere warm and intense under the duvet, but the most important is that making love often is directly linked to your level of personal happiness and that of your couple. A sociology professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder has found that couples who have more than 2 or 3 s exual intercourse per month are generally less happy than those who regularly have s ex in bed.

2. They are friends first

A successful and complete relationship is based on a great friendship, a deep bond, and a strong connection. Researcher John Gottman discovered that couples bonded by strong friendships had better s ex, more passionate passion and more tender romance. Indeed, if your lover and your confidant are the same person, you have won the jackpot!

3. They have no children

Who says having children is easy? According to some experts, not having children can actually improve the quality of your relationship. Researchers at the Council on Contemporary Families have found that couples without children (married or unmarried) are the happiest. However, still according to this study, here is a major asset for relationships: couples who have children and who work for companies whose maternity (and paternity) leave are well regulated.

4. They sleep better

The benefits of restful sleep are known to all. It not only helps us recover but it is also a great way to determine if our relationship is on the right track or not. A study from the University of Arizona found that women who sleep poorly and few have more problems in their couples than those who sleep soundly.

5. They have the same drinking habits

One of you may be a fine wine connoisseur and the other may love to fill your stomach with beer. In any case, researchers from the Buffalo Research Institute have revealed that it is not what you drink but rather how much you consume that influences the quality of your relationship and your happiness. Couples with different drinking habits (a heavy drinker in a relationship with someone who doesn’t drink at all) are more likely to break up compared to those who consume the same amounts of alcohol.


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