5 holiday destinations to visit with children

How to find the best family destination? Going on holidays with children requires some amenities and may lead you to change somewhat the way you travel. If in absolute terms, you can go almost anywhere in the world with your family, traveling with a baby, a toddler or a teenager involves a few constraints. Some destinations are more suitable for family vacations.

Some criteria to consider for a family trip:

  • the climate
  • jet lag
  • safety and sanitary conditions
  • the budget

I can not list the best holiday destinations with children, it would be too personal. Every family has different desires. For some, holidays rhyme with idleness, beach and sun, for others, it will be the cities and monuments or the nature and the discovery of the local flora and fauna.

But here are 5 holiday destinations that will be very cool to do with kids.

1 – Experience the adventure of the great outdoors in Quebec

My favorite family destination! Do you like nature and open spaces? You will love Quebec!

Our Canadian cousins ​​have the big advantage of being a French-speaking country! Certainly, speaking Quebec can be troubling but it is the ideal destination if you do not master foreign languages.

Québec is as pleasant to discover in summer as in winter.

In summer, you can walk in Montreal, the “city” in the American and in the old city of Quebec, which more reminiscent of our European cities. Rent a car and tour Quebec through the forests and lakes of the Laurentians and to the Gaspé Peninsula.

In winter, we go on activities in the snow (dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, …).

  • Food: poutine and beaver tails!

2 – Experience the city experience in New York

NYC is the destination to do with teens. The opportunity to combine cultural discoveries and shopping but also to discover emblematic places: the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Time Square, …

  • Food: the hot dog and the bagel!

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3 – Fall back to childhood at Disneyland Paris

Nah, but you really thought I could make a list of family destinations without mentioning Disneyland Paris ??

In Mickey’s kingdom, you disconnect, you forget your worries and you fall back to childhood. On the program: meeting with the princesses and cult characters of the Disney world, family attractions and thrills, parades and shows.

Only 1 tip: plan for good shoes!

  • Food: NOTHING! Nah, I’m joking! The buffet at the Disneyland Hotel (Inventions) is very nice. In less expensive, the Agrabah Café, an oriental buffet is great to eat with your family.

4 – Experience the great north in Lapland

The country of Santa Claus is necessarily the family destination to spend Christmas with the family! Parents and children will marvel at the beauty of the snowy landscapes and the northern lights!

You will have the opportunity to practice many winter activities: snowmobiling, sled dogs, reindeer sleigh, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, …

  • Food: salmon and reindeer (OK OK not really my cup of tea)

5 – Discover the exotic landscapes of Thailand

Discovering Asian culture, exotic landscapes, dream beaches, Thailand is the destination that contrasts the most with France. Change of scenery guaranteed. But it is also the journey with the greatest number of flight hours and air tickets are not given. You can look at the best deals several months ahead on comparators like Easyvols.

And kids will enjoy the tuk-tuk rides!


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