5 evidence that your man is sleeping with other women

They are far behind you days full of love and tenderness and your companion is now very distant. You notice that his behavior is more and more suspicious, you do not recognize him anymore and that disturbs you. If you suspect that your companion is cheating on you, here are 5 infallible signs that your man is unfaithful to you and that he is sleeping with other women behind your back.

All romantic relationships experience a so-called “honeymoon” phase, where each of the two partners, very much in love, makes a lot of effort to please the other. However, over time, the monotony and the routine can very quickly settle down. Many women then notice changes in the behavior of their husbands. They are more and more distant, no longer interested or attentive to them and become very attached to their phone or computer. And for good reason, according to a study by Dr. Brandon McDaniel of the University of Illinois, men are more and more likely to deceive their companions via social networks.

So, if you have a presentiment and doubts about the  fidelity  of your man, here are 5 signs on these new changes that will confirm it:

1. A change in your intimacy

We often notice two cases:

– Your companion does not touch you anymore. He is clearly sated and no longer needs you to satisfy his sexual needs because he satisfies them with someone else.

– On the contrary, your partner asks for a lot more s ex and practices new practices. It is normal to try new things for two, but this is suspicious when the change is so sudden. He comes to reproduce what he learned with his mistress.

2. It changes appearance

Your companion decides to change his appearance and begins to spend considerable time in front of the mirror, to pump up. His hair and beard are now shaved regularly and impeccably. He enrolls at the gym, while he has always been against it and he even decides to change his favorite perfume with a new one, overnight.

3. He needs time alone

Your companion suddenly needs to spend time alone, away from you. He cancels many of your usual appointments and hobbies and puts forward dubious excuses as personal reasons, without giving details. And even when you’re together, he prefers to stay alone in the room next door. He does everything to be alone, on his phone or on his computer.

4. He no longer separates from his phone

Your companion has changed or installed a new password on their phone, and you no longer have access to it, likewise for their computer. If he rings, he does not pick up his phone to answer in front of you and goes away before making his calls. You can surprise him on his phone or tablet at late hours, send text messages or on social networks.

5. He spends a lot of time at work

Your husband has found a new favorite place: his place of work. And yet you have listened to it complain hundreds of times. He now “passes” most of his time because he is there every time you call him. He suddenly has many more late meetings, long trainings and endless appointments, even on weekends.

If you notice many of these signs, be aware that there is a good chance your man is cheating on you with someone else. So, to clarify the situation, have a frank conversation with him.


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