5 Differences between a soul mate and a life partner

There are many misconceptions about the term soul mate and that of life partner. <>A soul mate is someone who enters your life to teach you, enrich you, push you and bring you to a higher state of being and consciousness. A life partner is a companion in whom you trust and on whom you depend during your life.<>

There are 5 differences between a sister and a life partner:<>

1. The sister is a lesson in your life.<>

Soul mates can enter your life by posing as friends, family members and lovers. They fulfill a passion and a desire that must be known. Once the mission and the advice are finished, the soul mate usually leaves the picture, often leaving an inconceivable pain of love.<>

A life partner has similar interests for you. This person is the cheerleader, the pillar of strength and support that encourages you to take risks. Unlike a soul mate, a life partner remains there, whatever the obstacles and challenges that await it. Life partners are spiritually and emotionally connected without selfishness.<>

2. There is a huge difference in the connections between the mes.<>

Soul mates have a deep connection through their hearts and their consciousness. <>They reach the ego and cause restlessness. Relationships are intense and full of transitions. These beautiful experiences generally end in heartache. Soul mates bring with them karmic lessons that must be accomplished in this incarnation.<>

Life partners come at a time when there is self-love and acceptance. You no longer need to fill a void that cannot be explained. These partners join you with similar stories. They are there for the long term.<>

“ <>The purpose of a soul mate is to shake you up, to tear your ego a little, to show you your obstacles and your addictions, to break your heart so that the new light can come in, to make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life<> . ” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert<>

3. There is an attraction that goes beyond this period.<>

When you meet your soul mate, you feel like you’ve known her forever. You understand yourself and have similar ways of thinking. Your childhood has similar stories. This is where the intensity of the relationship begins. There is a “Knowledge” that magnetically attracts you to each other. These relationships can be chaotic and destructive since there are degrees of mirror to each other: faults and habits.<>

While life partners come from different backgrounds and backgrounds. The differences strengthen the emotional connection. You want to know more and learn about each other. You feel comfortable in his presence, and it turns into a deep and eternal friendship. Love grows with each passing day.<>

“ <>Important meetings are planned by souls long before bodies see each other<> .” ~ Paulo Coelho<>

4. A sister knows you intuitively.<>

There is a stronger link between thought and feeling. You know the thoughts and desires of the other. Soul mates do not need words to express their ideas and emotions. They are where you are. They know what it feels like to feel a certain way.<>

Life partners are physically attracted to each other and want to learn about each other’s values. The relationship is based on logical and intellectual stimulation rather than emotional stimulation, with ups and downs as do soul mates.<>

5. When you meet your sister, you have a huge life experience.<>

Soul mates arrive at a precise moment when something needs to find an end. Amazing lessons emerge from these relationships. Shared love is ecstatic and sometimes full of formidable obstacles. These two people are trying to find their place in a relationship that brings out the best and the worst of each other.<>

The relationship with a life partner is easy. <>It starts effortlessly. She continues to bond through the events of daily life. There are no past or future stories that manipulate the link. There is just the present. These relationships make for healthy marriages because the two parties are ready to create unity while remaining in their own individuality and authenticity.<>

It is very possible that your soul mate is also your life partner. And, it is also possible that the relationship with a life partner can become a deep connection of the soul. The biggest difference between a life partner and a soul mate is that one is a choice and the other is not. There is nothing better or worse in these two types of relationships. Your soul and your relationships create these special bonds. Each person who enters your life is a teacher and a student.<>

” <>Your soul mate makes you feel completely intact, as if there were no missing pieces of the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great support and a longtime companion, but it is limited in its ability to enrich your mind. <>”~ Dr. Carmen Harra<>

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