44 Ways To Save Money That everyone must know

Everyone can learn to save money and reduce monthly expenses. But where to start? See this article as a checklist of ideas that can help you save money.

All of these ideas can not match you. But there is a good chance that one, two, ten or twelve of these tips will allow you to start putting a little more money aside each month.

Read carefully the first ideas. These are the ones that will save you the most money in a very short time. Even better, each of the ideas can be implemented right away.

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# 1. Do not Give More Money To Banks Than Necessary

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, entitled “Borrowers give up billions by not being able to refinance loans,” showed that around 20% of households with loans could have refinanced profitable their loan but did not do it.

Since your loan is one of your biggest expenses, you really do not want to be part of that 20%.

Take a few minutes to check if you are giving more money to the bank than necessary. Several agencies allow you to quickly compare refinancing offers.

# 2. Win Free Gift Cards from your Favorite Shops

Did you know that you can save money by watching entertaining videos, buying online, and more?

The Swagbucks website allows you to win free gift cards from shops like Amazon, or money through PayPal, just by doing what you probably already do online or on your phone.

# 3. Get Discounts on Everything You Buy Online

There are websites that will offer you money simply if you register at home.

The 2 favorites of readers are eBates and ebuyclub, popular ‘cashback’ sites for discounted purchases.

If you buy anything online, you will find that the extra seconds needed to make the purchase through these sites are worth it.

# 4. Invest smartly

If you save 100 € each month, and instead invest 100 € at a rate of 30%, in 10 years you will have saved a small fortune, enough to be financially free and no longer work for anyone. 

# 5. Open a Bank Account

You probably know most banks online: Hello Bank, Monabank, Boursorama bank, Fortuneo, Bforbank, ING Direct and so on …

Many of these banks offer you money if you open a bank account at home.

For example, Hello bank offers you 80 euros if you open a bank account at home, with free blue card.

# 6. Limit driving

The average cost per kilometer to drive, including maintenance and registration, is horribly high.

Minimizing transportation expenses is essential to minimize your budget. If your commute to work is 160km each week (32km each day), you probably spend a lot of money.

Some tips to reduce your transportation costs:

-Work near you.

-Use public transport if possible.

-Take carpool to go to work.

-Group your trips.

-Roll a bike in the center.

-Take a low consumption car.

How to Save on Your Monthly Invoice?

The following tips will save you money on your monthly budget.

  • Save on expenses

You’ll get immediate savings if you use a programmable thermostat, but do not stop there. There are many opportunities to save more.

# 7. Isolate your windows.

# 8. Use LED lamps.

# 9. Use low-flow showerheads.

# 10. Put a wick on all your doors.

# 11. Reduce the temperature of your water heater.

# 12. Add insulation to your attic

# 13.Take faster showers

  • Save on your shopping

Do you want to save quickly? Starting with food is a good idea.

During your life, a large percentage of your income will be used to feed you. Which makes the cost of food something that you should try to optimize constantly.

Here are a few tips :

# 14. Have a choice of 3 to 5 courses at affordable but delicious prices that you will do regularly.

# 15. Compare the prices of the most frequently purchased items at different stores in your area.

# 16. Buy in bulk.

# 17. Commit to shopping only twice a week.

# 18. Grow your own food

  • Save on financial services

Here are my most important tips:

# 19. Open a bank account as explained above

# 20. Read some quality books on the theme of investing and financial planning.

# 21. Take insurance only for what you can not protect yourself. For example, it makes sense to have life insurance. But not a mobile phone insurance.

  • How to save money on your entertainment

# 22. Get out in nature. It’s fun and it’s proven that it has a positive impact on your happiness.

# 23. Invest in an entertainment with a repetition value. Board games can keep the family entertained for hundreds of hours and yet are at the same price as a movie ticket.

# 24.Transform your hobby into business. If you like creating jewelry, start selling on eBay / Etsy. If you like a sport, become a coach …

# 25. Most museums and parks have free opening days. Plan your trip in advance

# 26. Become the event organizer among your groups of friends and be responsible for planning an affordable entertainment.

# 27. Look for and try different low-cost entertainment options. Try camping, hiking, attending a community event …

  • Save with your kids

# 28.Make homemade gifts for birthdays

# 29. Do your shopping in second-hand stores, where many clothes are new or have been worn once.

#30. Barter with your neighbors for babysitting nights rather than paying for help.

# 31. Carpool as much as possible

# 32. Get them involved in affordable hobbies such as cycling and cooking

# 33. Instead of giving pocket money to your children, have them work at the board

  • Save at work

# 34. Bring your own lunch to work.

# 35. Arrange a simple wardrobe, which you can sort easily.

# 36. Examine all the benefits available to employees to understand all the benefits to which you are entitled.

# 37. Ask if you can work from home part time to save on gas.

# 38. Check what expenses your employer reimburses you for (continuing education, conferences, legal fees, events …).

  • Save on your travels

# 39. Purchase your airline tickets via cashback sites, such as eBates

# 40. Use Airbnb instead of a hotel

# 41. Use  Rentalcars.com  to book a rental car, which automatically finds the lowest prices

# 42. Go to the supermarket when you arrive at your destination and stock up on food, so you will not eat three meals a day outside.

# 43. Fly in the middle of the week, as prices are often cheaper.

# 44. Eat where the locals eat, and stay away from tourist traps.


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