4 Unknown destinations that you must visit

It’s no secret that I have a hard time staying in place for a long time, but the more I travel, the more I want to get off the beaten path (I know, I did not invent anything, huh?) and to discover more unknown places, often forgotten by the list of places to be visited by travelers. There are many reasons: we just do not hear about it, we think it’s less safe, we can not make a choice, and so on. And yet …

Here are 4 destinations that tickle me for a while and that I would like to visit in the coming years.


OK, I admit, Uzbekistan has always been my favorite country … I probably owe them an apology after seeing on several platforms photos of its many historical sites. There is something mysterious about going on the Silk Road between the minarets, domes, mosques, markets and desert areas of this country almost completely ignored by tourists. The deserts and the sand have a powerful effect on me and the red dunes of Karakoum and Kyzylkoum simply make me BAVER!


This mountainous country of Central Asia gives me a desire to escape since I saw it highlighted in an episode of the TV show Partir autrement. I would love to meet nomadic people at high altitudes. It certainly would not be easy, because the country is not very tourist-oriented, but that’s what makes it so charming to me. In addition, I could sleep in a real yurt on the edge of Song Kul Lake!

Cook Islands

I was able to discover these islands in the Canadian TV series Departures (oops, it looks like I listen to a lot of TV travel) and I always thought I’d go for a day! This small archipelago has about fifteen islands where I see myself hide from everyday life on white-sand beaches. Near New Zealand, this is a nice option for a totally different getaway. The green relief is beautiful and the images I know are reason enough to venture there! Oh yes and I told you that I thought of all the tropical fruits that I would eat at the chain?


So close, but at the same time so far … Since I was very young, I want to visit Greenland, a gigantic island that is full of mysteries for me. How many times have I passed just above without stopping! Whether for a cruise in the fjords and icebergs or nights filled with aurora borealis and even the long banks full of penguins, I dream as I dream of Iceland, much better known by cons! Imagine the smile to Instagrammer these little colorful houses!


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