4 bizarre dreams that speak volumes about our relationship

If it is impossible to control our dreams, they can nevertheless send us messages, thanks to the work of our unconscious. For example, they can help us determine the state of our romantic relationship or our feelings.

In the arms of Morpheus, certain situations are more embarrassing than others. If our body is at rest when we sleep, our unconscious mind remains at work. And sometimes some of our dreams try to get us a message.

Rest assured, not all dreams mean anything. For example, when you dream that you are cheating on your boyfriend, it does not necessarily mean that this is what you want. In addition, dreams are rarely premonitory.

However, some researchers and specialists have embarked on the study of dream interpretation. And the least we can say is that the results are sometimes surprising. Indeed, a simple dog could symbolize the state of your romantic relationship.

“Our dreams tell us the whole truth about the issues of our lives, especially in the relationship field,” says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst at Hello Giggles.

Here are the four dreams that can alert you to your romantic relationship and your feelings.

If you dream of dogs

Yes, dreaming of a dog can say a lot about the state of our couple. “Whether it is your dog, a dog you had before or a dog invented, this represents a relationship in your life where certain feelings are strong like love, friendship or loyalty because these are the qualities we attribute to dogs “, reveals the specialist in dreams.

So the behavior and nature of the dog in the dream reflect what is really going on in your relationship. A sick, injured or dying dog suggests that your couple is not looking good and needs attention from you.

An angry, threatening, or attacking dog is a warning that this relationship is not beneficial for you. Conversely, a friendly and happy dog ​​is the symbol of a healthy and pleasant relationship.

“When a dog appears in your dream, first try to determine its state, the way it behaves as well as your reaction to the dog,” says the dream analyst. “These relationships can include your couple, but also your friendships or family members,” she adds.

If you dream of boats

A boat can represent your romantic relationship. “Water in dreams will often represent our emotions and as boats travel on water and relationships are very emotional, this is all the more reason to listen to what your boat dreams want to mean to you”, advises Lauri Quinn Loewenberg.

It warns in particular that a shipwreck can alert the end of a romantic or friendly relationship. “If you have endured too much drama or negativity in this relationship, it will end up sinking, as in your dream,” she adds.

A drifting or lost ship indicates that your relationship is stagnating and no longer progressing. This can be complicated if it concerns your relationship.

Each time, you must try to understand what relationship your dream is trying to tell you about by comparing what you imagine in your unconscious to your loved ones.

If you dream of cats

If you are more of a cat than a dog, it is possible that these will land in your dreams. “They generally symbolize the s exual energy present in a relationship,” says the specialist.

For her, if the cats of your dreams are sick, injured or dead, it is because your libido is at a low point. An angry cat would demonstrate that the s exual aspect of your couple is bad for you. Finally, a cuddly and kind cat would mean good physical intercourse, which is, therefore, a good thing.

If you dream that you are driving

“If you and your partner are in a car, in your dream, pay attention to who is behind the wheel. This reveals who holds the driving force of your couple, or at least who is causing the problems in your relationship” says Lauri Quinn Loewemberg.

According to her, it should above all succeed in determining the behavior of the driver. If he is distraught and out of control, this indicates a problem in your relationship. On the contrary, if he is calm, it can mean that he manages the situation in your life as in your dream.

If the car brakes don’t work anymore, it indicates that something must stop: your relationship or one aspect of your relationship.

In the end, if you are looking for the meaning of your dreams, some may want to send you a message. But don’t forget to trust your emotions, your feelings and especially your instincts more. And above all, do not forget to communicate with your partner or with your loved ones.

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