33 sentences to tell your child to avoid anxiety attacks

Throughout their development, children may also experience anxiety in school, at home, or with peers. They experience fear, anxiety, worry, and stress that interfere with their daily activities and affect their morale and health. So, how to reassure his child? What are the phrases to use to calm him down and teach him how to cope with his anxiety?

Indeed, the level of anxiety can affect a child and this anxiety can be transformed into different forms of disorders that should not be neglected. Therefore, it is important to know the phrases to use to soothe and reassure. Here are 33 that are useful every day.

1. I love you and you are safe.
2. Let’s pretend we’re going to blow a balloon together, let’s take a deep breath and blow up to 5.
3. Why do you think you feel like that?
4. What will happen after this much-apprehended event?
5. Nobody can stop us.
6. Let’s make a battle cry during a game.
7. If your feelings could take the form of a monster, what would it look like?

8. I’m so excited we’re doing this activity together!
9. Leave your worries aside for the moment. Then we can come back to it.
10. Make yourself comfortable until that feeling disappears.
11. Let’s talk together about this feeling that is bothering you.
12. Let’s try to count things that surround us.
13. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place that feels good to you.
14. I also feel anxious (myself).
15. You are not the only one to feel this.
16. What is the worst scenario that can happen?
17. Sometimes worrying can be helpful.
18. Let’s try to have a debate.
19. What is the first thing we have to deal with?
20. Remember when you managed to overcome your crisis.
21. I am already proud of you and your efforts.
22. How can I help you?
23. This feeling will pass quickly, it is only a passing test to overcome.
24. I know it’s difficult.
25. Tell me what you feel.
26. How do you calm your anxiety? What strategy do you want to adopt?
27. You are so brave.
28. We will go through this crisis together.
29. What else do you know about what causes you anxiety?
30. How do you need me? Do you want me to hug you or read you a story?
31. Come in my arms, I want to squeeze you very hard.
32. Do you remember your last victory?
33. Help me move this piece of furniture, I need your help.

Children’s mental health

As parents, it is important to help their children cope with their anxiety attacks, learn to identify the sources that provoke them, explain things calmly and reassure them with words and phrases that will appease them… To know that anxiety is not the only disorder to which children may be exposed, we usually find :
– General anxiety: When a child is worried about normal things (school, family, future), physical symptoms may manifest as headache, stomach pain, muscle tension, and fatigue.
– OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), expressed by obsessions and compulsions.
– Phobias that are intense fears felt about certain things or situations (insects, small spaces, etc.)
– Panic attacks that can occur at any time without warning, its physical symptoms are a beating heart, shortness of breath, vertigo or tingling.
– Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that results from previous traumatic experience. His symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, fear, and avoidance of the traumatic event that caused the anxiety.


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