3 things women want in bed

Since women and men are very different, it is sometimes difficult to understand the other, especially when it comes to se x. Gentlemen, to help you satisfy your partner, Men’s Health has collected several testimonials from women. They explain what makes them shudder and how to take them to seventh heaven.

Men sometimes have trouble knowing how to satisfy their partner and improve their relationship. Recurring sexual problems can impact the couple and cause unnecessary arguments. To avoid this kind of situation, it is important to try to understand each other’s needs and expectations.

Sexual fulfillment and the ideal partner according to women

Many people answered a question on a   Reddit post named “What makes a guy amazing in bed? “(What makes an incredible man in bed?). Men’s Health magazine has collected some of the answers to find out more about women’s sexual preferences and expectations:

“Se x is better when we are excited. So, for the foreplay; it’s about giving us the feeling of being the sexiest person you’ve ever seen or tasted. ”  – Anonymous

“If you’re having fun, I’m having fun, then MOUSE. I hate being in the company of a man who is too focused on the task at hand, to the point of appearing to take a physics exam. ”  – Boston_Pinay

“Watch your pace. Go slowly at times and try to have a comfortable position. I appreciate that men do not say stupid or dirty things and if they talk, they do not project us anywhere but in reality. Remember that women like to know that you’re having fun, but they also want you to worry about their fun. »  – Picabrix

“Confidence and willingness to dominate. Seriously, return to me! »  – Madelinecn

“If a woman asks you to do something, do it. There is nothing worse than the hesitation of a man when I ask him for something in particular. ”  – Anonymous

“The ability and willingness to communicate one’s desires, needs and desires, to ask questions, without fear of being judged or judged and willingness to accept answers. Communicate about your pleasure, physically or orally, because it’s better to know if you like it. »-  DrKinkenstein

“Many women can not or do not want to reach orgasm with mere penetration. They need clitoral stimulation. Try doggie positions or other positions where she can reach her own clit and stimulate herself as you penetrate her. It’s that simple. »  – Buskirkgirl2

“Size does not matter, clitoral stimulation has it. Have you noticed that the most popular se x toys in women are not gigantic penises? No, these are the ones that best stimulate the clitoris and / or G-spot. ”  – Anonymous

Tips to improve your s ex life

In view of the testimonials above, here are some tips to remember so that each of you can blossom sexually:

Listen to each other’s needs

It is imperative to listen to each other’s needs and be reciprocal. If you do not pay attention to the desires and expectations of your partner and vice versa, sex will not be balanced and fulfilling. So, to be sure of having fun in bed, you have to communicate and make compromises. Sexual understanding is not always innate, so some effort is needed.

Learn to let go completely

One of the biggest obstacles to a happy sex life is not letting yourself go to bed. Because of complex, embarrassment, shame or bad feelings, the sexual act may be biased. Do not let these things take over and learn how to get rid of these chains. For this, practice exercises to trust yourself and / or share your resentment with your partner. He will be the best person to reassure you.

To really share the moment with two

It happens to us all to be selfish in bed. Yet, sex is shared by two. But then, how to rebalance the balance? Find the balance between your desires and those of your partner, the goal being that everyone finds his account.


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