3 male zodiac signs that are not limited to one woman

Infidelity is the worst betrayal that a man can inflict on a woman. When trust is broken, the couple is no longer able to move forward as before. The deceived person feels humiliated and betrayed. A mixture of negative emotions takes over all the love she felt: rage, anger, incomprehension, sadness …

It is sometimes difficult for a couple to overcome infidelity. Yet, astrologers have established a most surprising fact: some zodiac signs are simply not meant to be with one person. They will never be happy in a monogamous relationship and will always seek pleasure and love from a third person.

Indeed, the analysis of the stars and planets have shown that some men need to have more than one conquest to satisfy themselves. So before assuming the shock of infidelity in your relationship, we preferred to reveal these 3 zodiac signs that are likely to be polygamous:


Serious and thoughtful, the Taurus man is a very good argumentator. We love him for his interventions full of meaning and for his relentless logic. But we know that the Taurus man is very susceptible and can get carried away for nothing. He sometimes has a whimsical temperament that can quickly annoy. However, it inspires loyalty. But the native of this sign can not deny his increased inclination for sensuality. Hungry for carnal pleasures, Taurus fully satisfies his sexual partner. He seems satisfied, too, so how can one doubt his fidelity? And yet this sociable man often uses his charm to attract women to bed. He may have respect and love for his half, he needs to prove to himself that he is able to seduce another. The satisfaction of one’s ego lies in bringing pleasure to women. He loves being complimented and reminded of how good he is at pampering his partners.


Capricorn is ambitious and has confidence in him. Very organized, he tries to be productive in all circumstances. He is honest and has solid principles. He is patient and advances step by step towards what he aspires to. Methodical and a little rigid in its way of proceeding, we can characterize it with a cold sign. But some women like this kind of men who find a charm emanating from its mysterious side.

The native of this sign does not show what he feels and wraps himself in a carapace in society. But if he seems impassive, it turns out he is very sensitive to the charms of women. You must never trust what it releases. The Capricorn man does not stand up to generous women with an irresistible body. He seeks voluptuousness and sensuality in his conquests. If a woman seduces him with its intoxicating beauty, it’s a safe bet that he will forget his partner to give himself to his heart with his new conquest. This man knows that he needs to be taken out of his pessimism and rigidity and made to discover the carnal pleasures that the world offers. His happiness goes through the accomplishment of things that will make him twirl at the moment, even if he ends up regretting them.


Aquarius is very intelligent and shows great curiosity in his daily life. It displays a remote and suspicious character. In reality, this sign is fundamentally sensitive and has a pure heart. He protects himself and flees any form of attachment with an outsider. He has a vision of the world that is different from others and is fully aware of it. This man likes to explore different horizons and never linger in the same place. This also applies in love. He can quickly become bored in a serious relationship and his thirst for discovery takes over. He constantly needs something new and can not stand being confined to a relationship. The native of this sign is very independent and he is proud of it. But it never attaches and will certainly not seek to revive a flame that has died out over time. He needs to believe that his happiness is not correlated to one and the same person. He will seek elsewhere that passion that his tender beloved no longer brings him. 


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