3 essential oils for healthy and strong nails

Whether it’s color, strength, shape, length, etc., we all want to put our best hand forward with healthy, strong nails. Instead of turning to chemicals-laden products, add a nighttime oil massage to your routine with one of three easy-to-find oils for healthy, strong nails. Oils for healthy and strong nails

1.Coconut oil

Whether it’s hair, skin, teeth, food, drinks, etc., coconut oil makes its way into the list of must-haves. And this is not an exception for nails. Coconut oil has all it takes to strengthen and brighten brittle and brittle nails, promote growth and prevent breakage and nail fungus.

2. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is essential for the skin and nails. A powerful healer of scars, skin infections and frail nails. Vitamin E protects the nails against aging and discoloration, moisturizes dry nails and repairs the damage caused by nail polish and acetone found in most nail polish removers.

3. Linseed oil

Often appreciated by gourmands for its superpowers, linseed oil is another must for any kitchen or bathroom closet. It is loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids and minerals that strengthen brittle and cracked nails and promote faster growth.

Often considered an excellent dietary supplement to help skin, hair, and nails, but its effectiveness should not be overlooked when it is also applied topically.

How to use oils to strengthen nails:

You can use these oils in different ways:

To get and stay healthy, apply the oil of your choice on the nails for 2 to 5 minutes. Do not rinse, just let the oil get absorbed into the skin and nails.

Or combine the three oils (equal parts) in a small bowl and massage the nails, hands, and cuticles. Again, do not rinse.

It is usually best to do this before going to bed – this way, the oils will have enough time to be absorbed by the nails and the skin. Repeat at least 2 to 3 times a week or, if possible, every night and observe the difference between your nails!


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