When we go on a trip, we are all excited! However, do not forget to prepare your house/apartment for the return! With some tips and a little effort, you will find your house all clean! Amazing no?

Going on a trip must be relaxing. But it must not be spoiled with (unnecessary) concerns about for example the security of your home or the mess you have left behind. Here is a list of 21 things to do in your home before you go on a trip!

1. Take a maximum of perishable products with you to avoid discarding them.

2. Unplug any unnecessary electronics (TV, microwave, toaster, etc., NOT your refrigerator).

3. Close all your windows and blinds.

4. Pay all your future bills.

5. Lock your doors.

6. Clean all surfaces (toilets, floors, counters, etc.).

7. Discard your garbage.

8. Change your bedding.

9. Secure your valuable belongings in a safe.

10. Leave a key with someone you trust. If there is a problem.

11. Have someone pick up your mail.

12. Make sure your lawn and plants are maintained and the houseplants can be watered.

13. Plan someone to take care of your pets.

14. Turn off all the lights.

15. Set your alarm if you have one.

16. Start your dishwasher or do the dishes one last time.

17. Sprinkle baking soda in your sinks and toilets to prevent bad smells when you return.

18. Depending on the length and season of your trip, remember to turn off your water or just water from your washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker and toilet just to be safe.

19. Prepare your schedule for the week of your return.

20. Deodorize all rooms.

21. Forget all your daily worries

I always have this list of advice on me before going on a trip and I always refer to this before any departure.

We always want to maximize our time, which means (for my part) that I often come back on Sunday. I found that having everything set up for my return before leaving made my trip more relaxing.

Have a nice trip!


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