20 signs that he likes you and that scares him

1.<> You caught him looking at you with THE look, but only when he thought you couldn’t see him.<>

2.<> After a serious and deep discussion about your lives (during which he seemed absorbed), he distances himself.<>

3.<> After the love, he stays close to you, looking for hugs and discussions on the pillow but in the morning, he panics and goes away as fast as he can.<>

4.<> He has suffered in the past and keeps telling you how afraid he is to suffer again.<>

5.<> It sends you mixed signals. Most of the time, he just seems to be an “asshole” absolutely not interested in you, yet your gut tells you that he really likes you.<>

6.<> He behaves strangely as soon as you try to talk about the future, but judging by his way of being with you, he has no plans to go away at all.<>

7.<> Whenever you bring up the ideas of love, couple or marriage, he becomes super embarrassed.<>

8.<> He uses childish language and tickles you until he realizes his cuteness and stops suddenly.<>

9.<> Although he has never called his girlfriend, his parents and friends ask about you and act as if you were together.<>

10.<> He lets his actions speak for him. He would never tell you that he missed you or would never say the famous word in A, but does everything he can to show you how much he cares about you.<>

11.<> During moments of silence, when you look each other in the eyes, clearly thinking that you really appreciate yourself, it breaks the eye contact and becomes nervous.<>

12. <> Although he never admitted his feelings in your presence, his friends have already taken you aside to admit that they were sure of the seriousness of your relationship.<>

13.<>  He claims that he does not want a serious relationship, yet he acts exactly as a boyfriend would act and he sees no other woman.<>

14. <> He doesn’t hold your hand in public, but everyone around you will be able to say that you are together just in his own way of looking at you.<>

15.<>  He always seems to have something to say to you, but he refrains from saying it.<>

16. He’s obviously jealous as soon as another man hits on you, but if you talk to him, he acts like he doesn’t care and tells you that you are free to do whatever you want.<>

17.<> He tries to push you away but then he realizes how much he wants you in his life, and brings you back to him.<>

18.<> He sends you messages from morning to night, introduces you to his parents and generally he is a fantastic boy, but each time you mention his kindness, he acts as if he had done nothing exceptional.<>

19.<> Even if he refuses to designate you as his girlfriend, he invites you to family weddings and evenings with friends, because you are the only woman who matters in his life.<>

20.<> He clearly tells you that he is not used to romantic relationships and that appreciating you terrifies him so much.<>

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