Located between the islands of Java and Lombok, Bali is surely the best-known place when it comes to Indonesia. Characterized by its tropical climate, beautiful scenery and amazing culture, the island of Bali welcomes millions of tourists every year. Let’s see if mass tourism ruins the pleasure of visiting this island.


After 2 weeks in northern Sulawesi and New Year just around the corner, we wanted a place more festive and alive to finish 2017 as it should.

A few weeks before, the volcano Agung was talking about him. The danger of an explosive eruption garnering the evacuation of populations and the cancellation of hundreds of flights was present.
Not worried more than that, especially because we did not follow the news during this period, we were able to book our plane ticket and there was no problem with the volcanic order.

Bali so it’s not just the beaches all the time fields, but also a mountain range with many mountains and volcanoes over 2000 meters. This volcanic nature allows the island to have very good fertility. Thus, before the tourist boom of the twentieth century, agriculture was the main source of the economy of the island. On the slopes of the mountains there is a lot of land devoted to rice cultivation, others to the production of coffee, fruits, and vegetables. Note that sea ​​fishing is also an important resource for them.

In Bali, there is something to satisfy everyone and this is one of the reasons that make this island’s tourist success.


Located in the city of Kuta, Jimbarian or Legian, it will finally be able to bask with a well-deserved vacation! In his hotel with a huge range of services, he enjoys a comfort to the small care, this on the beach, cocktail in hand, monoi on the siskin.

The artist

Located on Ubud, it is a joy to discover sculptures, masks and other Balinese achievements with exceptional woodwork, remarkable paintings, as well as the Indonesian batik, technique of printing fabrics. His look will then be hijacked by a decorated Balinese architecture that inspired the architects of the world.

The sporty one

After taking a few waves on Kuta Beach, he leaves to pick up his fishing tackle for the barracuda in the south of the island. Ah thin, it’s not a sport? The debate is launched in the comments. (for me it’s a sport!)

Vexed that we dare to tell him that fishing is not a sport, he changes and goes hiking on the mountain range north of Bali which offers breathtaking views.

The party animal

It begins the evening on one of the many ottomans at the edge of beach, setting sun, glasses clashing with the rhythm of “Cheers!”. When the time comes to fill his stomach he will be spoiled for choice in the vicinity of Seminyak. The price will be “touristy”, but will remain correct for a Westerner and then m ****, it’s holidays! Following that, the fateful 5 minutes, to agree with his friends on the place of exit of the evening. Between Old Man’s, Laguna, Sky Garden, Bounty Discotheque and so on, the choice is tricky, but the evening is just beginning.

The plunger

The diversity of spots is one of Bali’s major assets. Wrecks, reefs, macro, it will be according to your tastes with the possibility of seeing Manta rays, pygmy seahorses, the wreck of the USS Liberty, the Mola Mola, etc. The multitude of spots also allows all levels to get off, there are also many centers to learn. For the more reluctant, the snorkeling is offered to you with once again beautiful places.

The historian, the religious

Bali is the only island in western Indonesia where the Hindu religion is still present and practiced by a majority of the population. This religion is illustrated by many wonderful temples on the island. To name but a few, Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, or Tirta Empul. Whether for the worship of the founders of the village, for the spirits who protect the villagers or for the deceased, you will not be insensitive to Hindu temples.



Good value for money on the edge of the tourist area is Manggar Hotel. A few minutes walk from the airport, at the entrance to Kuta, all you need is a scooter to walk around. The functional wifi all around the pool and in most rooms apart the farthest where the signal is capricious. The breakfast is friendly, the spacious rooms, the staff with little care and the price of rooms from $15 per night for 2 people.

For accommodation in Ubud, we recommend Hibiscus Cottages! With Balinese style accommodations, very atypical, with indoor space, good wifi and a location close to the center, the property combines the benefits. Not to mention the rooftop where you can enjoy an excellent breakfast with a view of Ubud and its surroundings. The staff is very nice and the rooms are from $ 15 a night for 2 people.

If you are looking for accommodation further north, to Bedugul, we also have what you need! Definitely! Pondok Nyaman is a splendid Balinese residence. The owner is from the region, he will advise you for your stay in the area and touch you by his kindness. Rooms have views of mountains and rice terraces, as does the breakfast area. The wifi is good, just like the price of the room, only $22  per night for 2 people.


We hope that you do not want to travel by car! The traffic is literally crowded around Denpasar and the airport, the roads are narrow, there is very little overtaking possible, in short, you will lose many hours!
The scooter is king in Bali! Only $4  a day, with a full tank of gas at only $1 , you will be able to sneak around everywhere on smooth roads. In short, we do not make you a drawing …


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