17 things you should know before falling in love with an old soul

1. No need to exaggerate to impress us.<>

In life, these are the simple things that we have the most fun with. The easiest way to reach our hearts is to do things like walking around a city, going for long country walks on weekends, going to the bookstore, having conversations that last until late. in the night. We attach more importance to seemingly simplistic gestures than anything else because it is in the moments when we feel that we are really in contact with someone.<>

2. We spend a lot of time in our heads. A lot of time.<>

Old souls create rich inner lives and it is in ourselves that we truly flourish. When you find us lost in our thoughts or daydreams, don’t be afraid to take us back to the real world.<>

3. Do not expect us to be interested in material goods or wealth or to achieve status.<>

Nour old souls, none of that really matters. We don’t really care how much money our partner makes or live a typical modern lifestyle with an emphasis on materialistic things.<>

4. Sometimes it will be better to spend time alone than hanging out with you.<>

We need a lot of time to think and decompress with everything that is going on in our life, and we just need the person with whom we are to understand this, rather than feeling rejected or upset.<>

5. We have unconventional ideas about life and way of life.<>

We see the world and our lives on a much larger scale and therefore our philosophical views can have an impact on our relationships and the way we interpret the things that happen in our life.<>

6. We tend to be easy going and carefree,<>

but sometimes it may seem like we don’t care about anything or that hard times are not as hard for us as they are for others. It is not that we do not care, or that we are not touched at the same levels, but we see every battle in life as a time to learn and make ourselves stronger.<>

7. Our dreams and life plans can sometimes seem too big to know where we are in our life.<>

By seeing the world and our lives on a larger scale, we can often see where we will be in the years to come, and even if something doesn’t happen for a while, we know that we are taking the necessary steps to make it happen. arrive. Falling in love with an old soul is falling in love with your dreams, your passion for life. Unveiling our desires is the quickest way to ruin a romantic bond with us.<>

8. We don’t really have many friends.<>

Tons and tons of knowledge, yes, certainly, but we can probably only count our friends on the fingers of one hand. An old soul is always a little lonely in life. We feel like we are not integrating with the rest of the world, and our self-awareness can sometimes prevent us from making other friendships.<>

9. If we say we “feel” something, accept it.<>

Seriously. We often have intuitions about people and situations. We know that sometimes it may seem illogical, but we have learned to refine our intuition, and this is rarely wrong…<>

10. So that we can really stay in a relationship,<>

we need a deep bond with our partner – something that goes beyond the superficial level of physical desire, attraction and superficial similarities. We need someone who is a free thinker and who has similar philosophical ideas about life.<>

11. We have many paradoxical traits.<>

On the one hand, we value stability, but on the other hand, we also need a lot of freedom in our life and in our relationships. A relationship where you can have a bit of both is where you can really thrive.<>

12. We are looking for comfortable and intimate experiences.<>

We are more likely to want to spend a night cooking dinner, watching a movie, or listening to music together rather than going out to a club or bar. We will join you if you really want to come with you, of course, but know that for us, comfort is the key.<>

13. Old souls have a very romantic vision of the world and our relationships,<>

which is great, except when we over-idealize things and are disappointed with our own expectations. Our partner can help us by helping us stay grounded and reminding us of the realities of life if we get a little too preoccupied with something.<>

14. We tend to think too much.<>

We are very analytical and always notice things that others seem to ignore. Sometimes our brains are overwhelmed. It’s great when you want to get the scoop on a situation or a person, but because of our analytical nature, it can sometimes be quite annoying when we are in a state of excessive thinking.<>

15. The person we are dating must have their own wishes and dreams.<>

Old souls are looking for people who think for themselves and are not afraid of the way they make their decisions and live their lives. They must have their own innate desire to improve, not just follow a path that someone else has paved or told them to follow.<>

16. Communication is one of the greatest forms of intimacy for us.<>

We want you to tell us about your childhood, your bad day at work, the restaurant you go to every weekend 3 blocks away because they have the best coffee and the best eggs, when you went broke your arm while playing baseball, your plans for the weekend. Old souls are very cerebral. Hearing about your story, learning how you look at life and how you understand the world around you based on your past experiences is exactly what helps us to communicate better with the person we are dating. Never think a story is boring or unimportant. We want to hear everything.<>

17. We may not be looking for a lifetime partnership, but we still need romantic experiences to give a deeper meaning to our lives.<>

We understand that people aren’t always supposed to be with us forever – a lesson we’ve learned far too often – but we’re still looking for a connection that goes beyond the surface. We want real passion, dedication, a romance that we will always remember fondly.<>

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