15 things that happen to the body when someone breaks your heart

To recover from a breakup is not easy, because the consequences are not always pleasant to live. This kind of ordeal is physically and emotionally exhausting. In order to understand more deeply what is happening in people struggling with heartbreak, here is a list of things that happen to the body when the heart is broken.

15 things that happen to the body when the heart is broken by a breakup

1. Physical pain

Emotional pain often impacts the physical appearance of various ways to combat this intense grief. After a heartbreaking experience, many symptoms may occur including headaches, stomach or other parts of the body.

2. An increase in stress

A high level of stress can easily lead to even more complex body dysfunctions. It leaves the body feeling very vulnerable to pain because it carries the body heavily. 

3. An irregular appetite

Grief can lead to extreme cases of weight loss or severe weight gain. Some people categorically refuse to eat because they lose their appetite when they have a difficult experience. While others will choose to drown their sadness in the food, and will swallow anything to cope with the pain.

4. Deep sadness

Negative tests always leave a deep sadness in the person who lives them and can go as far as depression. A depression must always be supported by a specialist, it should never be taken lightly because the consequences are even harder to live.

5. An inability to concentrate

It is often difficult to stay focused in situations of sadness, despite several tries to deal with but thoughts remain focused on the problem. You have to be careful because this situation can cause you to make mistakes at work or at school. 

6. Slow heart rate

Studies have shown that traumatic experiences such as a breakup can slow down the heart rate. Your heart rate may slow down and your blood circulation may be compromised. You may need a doctor to help you.

7. Insomnia

In addition to loss of appetite, the loss of sleep is also one of the results of heartache. The nights become long because you will not be able to close your eyes, your head continues to think about the person who hurt you and everything that happened between you.

8. Increased sensitivity

You are more sensitive to pain and anxiety than ever before. Offensive comments and sarcastic remarks can do you so much more harm today than they would because of your vulnerable condition. You are trying to stay away from negative things at the moment because you know that your heart just can not cope with extra stress.

9. Loneliness

Because you know you are vulnerable and you are very fragile, you will lock yourself in your room and refuse to see others. People who are broken-hearted like to be alone because they know that no one can hurt them, even more, when they are alone. 

10. A withdrawal 

It’s like an addict who is forced to immediately stop using drugs. When someone is deeply attached to a person and suddenly finds himself forced to cut the relationship, it is obvious to observe unusual withdrawal behaviors.

11. Disturbance of the menstrual cycle

In women, stress can lead to disturbance of the menstrual cycle, which can result in either a delay or a prolonged period of bleeding.

12. A weakened immune system

It has been scientifically proven that stress and anxiety weaken immune defenses. The person in stress becomes vulnerable to infections and diseases.

13. Hair loss

Another terrible result of stress is hair loss. A person may experience irregular hair loss once they go through a particularly stressful experience.

14. Cramps

Cramps can also be triggered by increased levels of stress in the body. Not only must the person endure emotional distress but must also deal with this kind of physical pain. 

15. A lack of self-confidence

In addition to all the negative effects on the body, you will also begin to doubt yourself and your worth, you will lose your self – confidence.


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