15 signs that you are with an immature man

Men are often said to be less mature than women. But sometimes, it happens that this immaturity poses a serious problem to your couple. How to recognize immature men?

1. He spends his time complaining

The immature man leads an enviable life: he has a good job, his family loves him and supports him, he is often surrounded by his friends … However, that does not prevent him from complaining about a yes or a no. He cultivates negativity and it ends up rubbing on you.

2. He is always tired

Sometimes we get tired or stressed but we make sure to stay positive and improve our daily lives by taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. If your spouse is not trying to find solutions to his problems and is always tired, he is not ready for a solid relationship.

3. He hates his work

We all know someone who does not like his job. Nevertheless, a man who pretends to hate his job and does nothing to improve his situation proves that he is not able to achieve his goals and to fully assume his responsibilities.

4. He does not support you

A couple life is made to support each other. If your partner is not interested in your personal projects or does not give you the support you need to pursue your dreams, it means he is not mature.

5. It does not matter what your schedule is

Time is one of the most important things we have in life. When a man cancels your meeting at the last minute or he always shows up late, it is because he does not deserve your attention.

6. He is lazy

An immature man can spend a whole day watching television and eating junk food without any problem. Even worse, he will try to pull you down by dragging you into this nefarious routine. Beware of laziness, this ugly fault is the prerogative of many immature men.

7. He does not stop making jokes

Having a serious and deep conversation with an immature man is literally impossible. He can not hold a conversation without continually joking.

8. He does not reveal his feelings

He never answers you when you ask him what are his feelings towards you. This behavior shows a lack of self-confidence and profound emotional immaturity.

9. He insults you

Sometimes we get on our nerves to the point of sometimes uttering hurtful words. But adults know how to manage their emotions and recognize the times when it’s best to keep quiet. Immature men do not know it. They are not able to lead a love relationship because of their lack of good manners. 

10. He seeks to hide his weaknesses

Immature men can not stand showing their feelings, and their emotions in the face of a problem. They will change topics or move on to avoid revealing their weaknesses.

11. He still has morale to zero

We sometimes suffer from anxiety and stress because of our work, family problems and other worries of everyday life. The immature man, he is often upset for no apparent reason. He tries to make you his therapist even if it is not your role.

12. He is always “sorry”

Apologizing is a sign of maturity. But when your man apologizes all the time and for no particular reason, it is probably a sign of a lack of emotional maturity.

13. He lives with his parents

There is a good chance that a man who lives with his parents for no apparent reason is immature because it is a sign that he does not assume his responsibilities.

14. He never keeps his promises

Do you often feel that he is lying to you or manipulating you? This is a sign that your spouse can not make up their mind and is not ready to have a solid relationship with you.

15. It hurts you

The emotionally immature man will break your heart for no good reason because he has no empathy for you.

If your man displays some of the traits described above, it is because he is not ready to engage with you in a serious relationship.

Remember that you should never feel guilty about ending your relationship when it hurts you. Instead, take this opportunity to meet your  soul mate  and build a healthy and fulfilling relationship over the long term.


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