15 Signs That He’s Fighting His Feelings For You

Not getting involved, playing little games and fooling around is easy for most men.<>

What is less easy, however, is to admit (yourself and to others) that they are developing real feelings for someone.<>

They are petrified.<>><><>

Whether they admit it or not, the mere thought of expressing their feelings and taking the risk of being hurt is frightening.<>

So they start to struggle. They fight against themselves first because for many of them, being in love means being vulnerable.<><><>

They also fight each other, blowing hot and cold until they feel secure.<>

They will take their time and assess the situation before trying anything.<>

If you have the feeling that he’s falling for you but something is holding him back, check out these 15 signs that he’s fighting his feelings for you.<>

This will certainly allow you to see more clearly.<><

1. One moment, he is extremely attentive and finally walks away<>

This is usually one of the most common warning signs that you are facing a runner, but in this case the fact that he is going away will not be dramatic or destructive.<>

He will send you messages here and there but not every day.<>

He will probably befriend you for a while, without making a commitment, until he gets to know you better and finds the courage to face his feelings.<>

Only then will he be able to share them with you.<>

That said, be careful: this phase should not last too long.<>

If you feel that the time he has had should have been enough for him to cope with his feelings and that he is just going on forever, this is not a sign that he fight his feelings for you.<>

Rather, it is a sign that it is taking you by boat.<>

2. He pays attention to what you say and remembers many things about you<>

He drinks each of your words. He remembers something you mentioned in passing several weeks ago that you yourself don’t remember.<>

It will surprise you by remembering a little detail you mentioned.<>

Also, he has certainly done a lot of research on your pages on social networks and even if he does not have the easy “like”, he follows everything you do.<>

3. His questions are a little too personal<>

He wants to know everything there is to know about you.<>

In addition to the questions intended to make the conversation, he will ask you others, much deeper.<>

He will want to know your opinion, what you like and dislike, your past in love and so on.<>

It may not always be pleasant, but he just wants to minimize the risk of being injured.<>

4. He goes to great lengths to impress you<>

He wants you to see only the best in him and he will make a lot of effort to that end.<>

So be sure to notice the changes in his appearance or the fact that he wears a new fragrance.<>

He will also talk a lot about his strengths, his professional successes and all the things he is proud of – not out of vanity but because he wants, consciously or not, to impress you<><>

5. He has an (inexplicable) need to justify himself to you<>

It will not be anything exceptional but it would not want for the world that you have a bad impression.<>

For example, whenever he talks about one of the women in his life, he will insist that she is only a friend so you don’t think he is. is not available.<>

6. He will only have eyes for you<>

You will probably have the feeling that he is staring at you but as soon as you turn around, he will look away.<>

He doesn’t want it to be too obvious. Your friends will also notice and let you know.<>

But when you chat together, he will no doubt benefit from your eye contact to the fullest and you will enjoy his full attention.

7. His body language will speak for him

He will try to look relaxed but his body and mind will say otherwise.

In addition to the eye contact mentioned above, his sweaty, trembling hands will be the clearest sign that you are making him nervous (in a good way).

It will also stand very close to you when you speak.

While you are in the middle of a conversation, he will unconsciously lean towards you.

He also won’t miss a chance to put his hand on your shoulder or discreetly touch your arm.

If he has already gained a little courage he will kiss you on the cheek or hug you a little longer than necessary as soon as you find yourself.

8. He likes to help you

He usually offers to help you.

Whether it’s helping you calm your mind by listening to yourself and giving you advice, or helping you with your physical work by moving a piece of furniture or repainting a wall.

Getting his hands dirty or sitting there listening to you for hours doesn’t bother him.

He makes it clear that you can count on him for anything.

9. He admires you (but would never say it out loud)

When you speak, there is nothing left and he looks at you as if you are the most wonderful creature in the world.

He understands that you have gone through a lot and admires the fact that you have triumphed in spite of everything and everyone.

Each of your victories is huge in his eyes, although he doesn’t make it clear.

He will listen to you and compliment you here and there: an obvious sign of his affection for you.

10. As soon as he is with you, he initiates a protective mode

Although he may be joking at your expense, it will never be mean, out of place, or rude.

But every time someone does the same, they will disapprove and say something to defend you.

He will also make sure that you get home safely and that you are safe.

Whether he admits it or not, he cares about you and these little signs simply reveal that he is fighting his feelings.

11. Shows signs of discreet jealousy

The fact that you are in the company of other men does not make him particularly happy.

Certainly because he has not yet acted on his feelings and he is afraid that someone else is going to top him.

For this reason, you will see his face fade and his attitude become strange.

He is clearly uncomfortable and jealous whenever another man approaches you.

Not to mention the fact that he will certainly ask you questions about where you stand with these other men.

12. He is considerate

Thoughtfulness is one of the most common signs that he is fighting his feelings for you.

As mentioned earlier, he wants you to see him in his best light and therefore, he will most certainly behave like a perfect gentleman.

He’ll hold the door for you. Will let you place your order first.

He may not cover you with overpriced gifts, but each of his gifts will come from the heart.

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, but if it comes with your favorite chocolates, it will be more than enough!

13. He shares personal information with you

Most men do not open easily, but if they start to confide in you, it is most certainly a person they can trust and it is always a good sign.<>

We can talk about rain and good weather with anyone, but sharing personal details is much more revealing.<>

He will want to hear your opinion on things that are happening to him now or on plans for the future.<>

In general, he will have this inexplicable need to inform you of everything, whenever he has the opportunity.<>

14. Has cold moments<>

Here is one of the most painful signs that he is fighting his feelings for you.<>

Maybe he doesn’t even realize he’s fighting them.<>

And while he has a hard time confronting them and rationalizing between what he thinks and what he feels, you will find it all the more difficult to understand him and you will think that he is playing with you.<>

Trust your intuition. Is it unintentional or is he playing with you?<>

15. You will feel between you undeniable alchemy and a form of s**xual tension<>

Each time you enter a room, he will be unable to help but smile.<>

He will look at you from head to toe and will always find a way to indirectly compliment you by telling you how beautiful or s**xy you are.<>

It may be possible that he transfers all the s**xual tension accumulated in slightly rude words or rude remarks.<>

In the end, the magnetism between you is something difficult to explain but it is felt easily and inevitably.<>

The key to understanding why he is fighting his feelings for you is that men do not experience their feelings in the same way as women.<>

This does not mean that they are insensitive but simply that they work differently.<>

They will trust their minds first, trying to rationalize things and leave their emotions aside while women tend to follow their hearts.<>

This is the reason why men and women often find it difficult to understand each other.<>

If he struggles with his feelings, give him time to deal with them.<>

He struggles against himself and must do it alone. He has to overcome his buried fears of being rejected and hurt.<>

Once done, it will earn a place in your life.<>

If it doesn’t succeed, you will have to leave it because there are battles that you cannot fight in its place.<>

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