12 things that men hide from their wives

Hiding things from your partner can happen in all couples, depending on the situation and the hidden secret. For men, there are certain things that they deliberately hide from their wives, whether for fear of conflict or ashamed of themselves. In this article we expose the ranking of the 12 things that every man hides from his wife.

1. His past relationships

Almost all men hide details about their past relationships and ex-girlfriends to avoid hurting their partner and / or dealing with a scene of jealousy. On the other hand, some men have the courage to share these details if their partner is mature enough to understand their past. But if she is too suspicious about it, a man will prefer not to share them.

2. His sexual fantasies

Your partner may not have said anything to you, but sometimes he dreams of other women in bed. Many women were surprised to hear their husbands pronounce another person’s name during se x. One can think of an extramarital affair, but generally, it is only a fantasy where the man finds pleasure in his imagination.

3. The things he hates about you

It’s possible that some of your habits, actions, and thoughts are bothering your man, but he never tells you. He’s just trying to adapt to these things. Moreover, men do not usually tell their wives what they would not like to hear because they are not sure of their reaction.

4. His fears

Men also have fears and fears, such as fear of failure, loneliness, and in some cases management of complex situations. However, they try to hide their fears to keep a strong image in front of their partner, no matter what they are going through.

5. His mistakes of the past

Even the most successful men make mistakes, and your partner is no exception. If he has made mistakes in the past, he will surely try to hide them and not talk to you about them. Men generally like to be praised and appreciated, so they will never talk to you about their past mistakes so they will not be seen as weak.

6. His trust issues

Men also have problems of trust and self-esteem. They may be afraid of losing their wives, their jobs, or trusting others, but they dare not admit it.

7. The money he spends for others

When a man has money, he believes it is important to keep his family and friends happy by spending money on the things they need. Men usually buy gifts or simply give money to family members and friends without telling their wives, for fear of being blamed, and telling them that it hurts household expenses.

8. His account on a dating site

No man will have the courage to say that he had, or has, an account on a dating site, because he knows that if this secret is revealed, it can lead to endless problems. Unless you meet his girlfriend on a dating site, a man will not reveal this part of his life.

9. His exact salary

Many men do not like to say exactly how much they touch per month, just as women do not like to give their exact age. Most married men believe they will have problems if their wives know their exact salary, so they lie so they do not have complete control over their expenses.

10. What he does not like about your family

Not everyone is sociable and extroverted. Your husband respects your family, but that does not mean he has to treat them as his parents. Men also hate when in-laws enter their conjugal lives or when they make surprise visits; but they can not admit it.

11. The passwords of his social networks

Many men hide the passwords of their social networks because, on these websites, they have done more than share decent messages. The account of a man contains all his secrets: the women with whom he has already had a story, someone with whom he always chatted ambiguously, muddy jokes with his friends … So, he will surely be embarrassed if his woman learns all this.

12. His secret projects for your birthday

Obviously, men do not hide only negative things. When it comes to their wife’s birthday, they are able to prepare pretty surprises for their sweethearts and reveal them only at the time of the day. A great way to reinforce the complicity and love within the couple. 


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