12 things men want in a relationship (and do not dare to ask)

Most men are not used to confessing what they really want. They want to love but not just anyone and no matter how. And yet, without being told aloud or written somewhere, most of them finally have very similar expectations. This is what experience teaches us about what men really expect from a partner and a relationship.

1. Kindness

The modern world is a hostile place where the most malicious behaviors are expressed. Comparison and evaluation are the watchwords. At work, employees are in competition and must constantly prove what they are worth. It is for this reason that men like to meet at the end of the day, women who know how to share their kindness. In the midst of this harsh world, they remind us that human relationships are based on gentleness and not aggression.

2. Happiness

Happiness is contagious. Everyone loves to be with someone who is happy and who shares his happiness with others. Even though men know how to stay during difficult times, they appreciate women who know how to enjoy life.

3. The valuation

Men often need to know when they have done well or when they have made you happy. They need to hear that you are grateful, that you appreciate their company and that you are happy that they are in your life. Even if they are basic things in appearance, it’s always good to hear it.

4. Acceptance

Nobody likes to admit it, but we like people to approve of what we do and what we believe in. Men enjoy being in a relationship with someone who approves their decisions, their choices and their actions but also who is proud of them.

5. The strength

Men like to have support when they face hardships. But often, they do not dare to admit it. They need someone who is strong when they are not, and above all someone who knows how to encourage and support them.

6. Presence and understanding

Some problems encountered in our lives must be solved by ourselves. But that does not mean that we have to solve them by being isolated. It is in these moments that many men need someone to support them. Even if they do not want to talk about the problem, they need to know that someone understands them and they are not alone.

7. Humility and the ability to let go

Men are looking for a partner who respects them and who treats them as their equal. Above all, they appreciate women who know how to forgive mistakes. Although forgiving does not mean forgetting, many men appreciate partners who know how to compromise and give a new chance.

8. The trust

Men like to trust but also to trust. They need to feel that they can count on their partner and also to show that they are reliable and committed.

9. Patience

Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes, make mistakes and disappoint each other. Whatever you do, your partner will never be the way you want. You just have to be patient and help him become the best version of himself. This is not done overnight and it is often at the cost of many efforts. Encouragement and patience are the breeding ground for change.

10. Lightness and laughter

The world is not easy to live every day. Faced with difficulties and stress, it is good to have a partner who knows how to laugh and dramatize but especially that helps us enjoy life no matter what.

11. Friendship

We must not forget that romantic relationships are first and foremost relations of friendship. If the relationship is not based on friendship, like spending time together, sharing interests and feeling good about the person, then that can not work. Men like partners who are present as friends because they are the most incredible lovers.

12. The distance (sometimes)

We all need to spend time alone to rejuvenate emotionally. The best gift you can give a partner is to understand and respect that need. Men like women to understand that this need to be alone is not a rejection but that it is beneficial to the relationship and allows the other to miss us.


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