12 signs that you do not count for him and you do not even know

One of the most important things women look for in a man is sincerity. No woman wants to go out with a man who is selfish and thinks only of his interests. Generosity, empathy and sensitivity are important personality traits that men must have to make their wives happy. Here are 12 signs that he uses you and you do not even know it!

Love can make a person blind to reality, he can happen to see behaviors that are not worthy of a loving partner without paying attention. This article will help you identify someone who is playing with you!

12 signs that he abuses you emotionally

1. He refuses to have discussions about the commitment

If he does not like to discuss engagement with you, he probably uses you for his personal pleasures. He does not really care about you because he is not really invested in your relationship.

2. Your friends tell you it’s not the right person

Sometimes the best perception of your relationship is from outside. Your irrational love could make you blind to reality, if your friends tell you it’s not good then you should follow their advice.

3. He is selfish in bed

He does not care if you’re happy with your sex. All that is important to him is that you make him happy. He never asks you what you like or how you feel, so he is the only one who wants to be satisfied.

4. He does not introduce you to his friends or family

Friends and family are always important aspects of a person’s life. If he does not introduce you to his friends or family, then you may not be important to him.

5. He depends on you for money

If he is still counting on you to support him financially or to help him out of his crises, it is a matter of concern. He should be ready to love you, whether you are rich or poor.

6. He always asks you to do favors

He treats you as if you were his nanny or mother. He often asks you to help him while he enjoys his free time with his friends.

7. He does not think about how you feel

He does just what he wants, no matter how his actions impact you. All that interests him is his life and what he can do to please himself.

8. He does not express his love often

Kisses and cuddles are absent except when he needs something from you. He never shows you any feelings and he is always struggling to express his love to you.

9. He never opens to you

He is very discreet and never likes to open up to you. As a result, you do not know much about him or his interests. You see a man without a personality because he never lets you in even if you are an open book for him.

10. He only contacts you when he wants something

The way he interacts with you depends only on what you can offer him. If he does not need anything from you, then it is very unlikely that he will contact you.

11. You do not go out together

If you do not go out together, it is either that he is embarrassed to be seen in public with you, or he has other priorities. Either way, you are in a bad relationship and you deserve a lot better.

12. He is unfaithful

The only true sign that he is an egotist who gives no importance to your feelings is when he is not faithful to you. When he makes himself available to other women, it simply means that he does not care about your feelings and emotions.


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