12 signs that you are in a relationship with a Real Woman

Throughout his life, a man will meet all kinds of women. Some may be too sticky, indifferent, passionate. Some will make him the center of their world and others will become the center of his world. But once in life, he will have the chance to meet this woman who will not be like the others so much that he will wonder why there are not so many in this world.

If you had the chance to meet one of them, you must have noticed one or more of these 12 signs:

  1. She inspires you

This woman encourages you to reach your true potential and achieve greater things without being too demanding. It does not put pressure on you to achieve your goals because it gives you enough confidence to know that you will make the right decisions.

  1. She is not childish

A woman like this will not try to make you jealous. She does not feel insecure about the relationship. She knows her worth, she has confidence in her and does not feel the need to continue to prove it to you.

  1. She does not act as if the world revolves around her

Certainly, she wants to receive your love and your respect but she is especially ready to offer you the same thing. This woman will not expect you to eliminate your own desires and interests to keep her happy all the time.

  1. She does not need your continued presence

She understands that you are two independent people who also have a life outside of this relationship. You both give yourself enough space and time to invest with your friends and family and your career.

  1. She has become part of your circle of friends and your loved ones

You have never felt anxious to take him to meet your friends or even your parents. You know she will be happy to know and interact with all the people you love. She is wise enough to know what to talk to your parents, and when she is with your friends, she can let herself go and enjoy a good time.

  1. She knows how to take care of her

This kind of woman does not look for a relationship just to be able to count on her partner for any kind of physical, financial and mental support. She only wants to enjoy your company by being equals, sharing all the bills and making sure that one of you is not overwhelmed.

  1. She does not hide your relationships on social networks

Her presence on social networks is not something she will need to hide or be embarrassed about. She has nothing to hide and is not afraid to show up with you, on the contrary, she is very proud of it.

  1. She is not shy in the bedroom

If she does not want to do something, she’ll say it right away. She will even explain her reasons instead of becoming clumsy. She is not ashamed to talk about your intimacy because it is not something to hide. She is mature enough to accept it as a normal part of your relationship, the part that keeps the spark alive between you two.

  1. She has her own opinions

It is not a person who copies the opinions of others, and she will never refuse to express her opinions to avoid arguments or to make everyone happy. But that does not mean that she will impose her opinions on you or anyone else. She is open to discussions and any disagreement will not turn into a raging battle.

  1. She knows how to handle disputes

If you argue, she will not start saying stereotypical things like “All men are the same” or “You can never understand me.” She knows that every situation is different and that you need to discuss the cause of your argument rather than make a critical argument.

  1. She knows what she wants in life

She is sure of her purpose in life. She has set goals and benchmarks for herself, and they will not be affected by the obstacles that will come her way.

  1. You feel very lucky

You feel like the luckiest man in the world when you are with her. Because you are sure that such an extraordinary woman will not go out with anyone. She is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to be alone. She must truly love you if she has chosen to share her life with you.


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