11 Ways To Make Your Man Crazy About You

I bet that when you saw this title, you immediately told yourself that this article was talking about something a little bit olé ole. Well no! Finally … just a little. But really not much.

I may be part of that minority saying that, but I do not agree that a man should be controlled by his… uh … his family jewels.  

Exciting your man is not something that should only be reserved for the bedroom … 

Do not get me wrong, I know men love it. But let us recognize the merit of being more than just an object.

In the same way that you want to be treated like a queen, her dearest desire is to be treated like a king. So enjoy it for fun!

1. Make him excited but embarrassed at the same time.  I told you that this whole list was not just about s ex, but I can not at least include one thing you can do to increase your man’s libido (and yours).

2. Fifteen seconds a day for not having blues. It’s said that an apple a day can keep you away from doctors.

Well, a simple kiss of 15 seconds a day can change the state of your couple. Set the timer and try!

With fifteen seconds a day of this, you will keep the blues away from your life as a couple. Increase this duration to 45 seconds if you want to ignite a little the situation!

3. Turn your home into a post-it paradise.  I will never forget seeing my mother write sweet words to my father with lipstick on the mirrors all over the bathroom.

But this may seem a little messy and must obviously be limited to one piece. Expand a little, make it cute and seduce it! 

4. Perfect your seduction skills. There are so many ways to flirt with her husband (a thought, sensual texting, kicking) but there is nothing like a man who hunts.

It’s in their natures, men love hunting! Tell him that you want him and that he will have to catch you if he so desires.

5. Call your in-laws just to say hello.  When did you call your in-laws for the last time, not at the request of your man? Remember, it was they who helped your man become the man he is today.

Reaching out to those who gave birth to him (or at least who raised him) will make him much more enjoyable than you can imagine (this, of course, supposes that there is a good relationship with them). and they are not absolutely crazy).

6. Do something interesting.  Have you ever listened to men talk about their wife? Men love to brag about their wives, so give them a good reason for that!  

Make a list of everything you like at home and slip it into the pocket of his pants so he finds it when he least expects it. In public, wear a T-shirt with the words “I love my man”. No matter what you do, make him blush!

7. Take the kids out and have a romantic time at home = A happy man!  Surprise him with a date at home. If you do not have children, then it will be very simple.  

Turn the house into a luxury restaurant or spa and treat it to an unforgettable moment at home. If you have children, make sure they are away while you spend time alone with two.  

8. A fun challenge. This one requires a little planning, but remains feasible! Make 12 appointments over a period of 12 consecutive nights or spread out over 12 weeks.

Anyway, you and your man will love it (and you can do it on a very tight budget).

9. Turn yourself into a real pleasure for the eyes. Listen, I’m the first to say that lingerie is not my thing. I find that most of them are too tight, too short, too irritating and all the rest.

But there is a time and a place for everything, and that includes lingerie. It took me many years but I finally found lingerie that serves both pleasures for the eyes and makes me comfortable.

10. Spend 10 minutes of your time.  If you looked at number 9 and thought, “There is no way I can do all this stuff like that,” then that number is for you.  

Most of us have a little more fat than usual and we would like not to have as much fat, but if that stops you from showing your body to your half, then you should try this!

In just ten minutes a day, you can start toning areas that need a bit of firming. You do not need more, just 10 min.

11. As Ron Gutman explains, look in his eyes … and smile.  It was so simple that I had to leave it for the end. Have you ever looked at your husband in the eyes and let the love that is in you spread in your heart and make you smile?  

Observe his when he looks you in the eye trying to understand what makes you smile. And even if he does not ask you … he will understand.


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