11 Love games I don’t want anymore: I still prefer to be single!

When it comes to romantic relationships, there is only one rule: they are supposed to make us happy and be fulfilling. 

A romantic relationship must beautify our life and add a touch of excitement (among other things)!

When we are in a relationship with someone we really love, we do everything we can to make them feel good. We make sure that the other person knows how much he is loved and can never doubt it.

When you really love your partner, you make efforts to never take it for granted. We make sure he is happy, fulfilled and good about himself. We show kindness, compassion, respect and care towards each other.

When we have the chance to love and be loved in return, we cherish this love and maintain it. We fight like a ferocious beast to protect what we have. 

When you really love your partner, you show honesty. We do not play with it, we do not manipulate it to achieve its ends.

But unfortunately, these few “prerequisites” for lasting and healthy love seem to have been gradually forgotten. Our love lives are nothing more than a vast playground …

First, we do everything we can to let the one we like know, while being careful not to overdo it. Then, we are eager to get involved, but struggling with great fear: that of giving up our freedom.

In short, we are completely lost! We no longer know what we want.

And I did with it. I entered the dating game in the 2.0 era, like many others. But I have had enough. Now, I still prefer to be alone than to adapt to the 11 “love” games that follow:

1. “The hidden relationship”

I will obviously not shout on all the rooftops that I am a couple! But neither will I pretend that we have not been beyond a simple handshake!

I refuse to pretend to be just a “friend” in the company of my loved ones. Because it’s very simple, when you love or appreciate someone, there is no reason to keep this relationship a secret.

2. Play the girl or the guy not interested

Today, it is common to simulate a total lack of interest in this person with whom we are dying to want to be. Whatever! That does not make any sense.

Explain to me, what’s the point of pretending that we don’t want to see or talk with the person we are actually secretly in love with?

Certainly, people think that by doing so said person will develop an all the more profound attraction. But it rarely works like that and more often than not, it even has the opposite effect.

3. “Get involved, step back, get involved, step back, etc.”

I hate fickle people. I don’t understand how you can tell someone that you want a serious relationship, to change your mind 5 minutes later.

I’m done with this kind of man. The next time a man takes the famous “I just want a light relationship” to me, I will take my legs by my neck and gladly let him find another play partner!

4. Pretending to have things in common

We all want to have tastes in common with the person we hang out with. But that does not mean that we have to pretend to like the same things, in order to impress the other or to push him to appreciate us more.

If he doesn’t like my favorite band, my favorite movie or my favorite cuisine, too bad! And it is neither serious nor crippling. And if he took the urge to pretend to like all this to impress me, let him know that it would have the opposite effect!

5. Try to make the other jealous

If there are still men who think that flirting with the blonde sitting on the other side of the bar will make me want them more, or push me to compete to get their favors, let them get dressed! They are totally off the mark.

Trying to make someone jealous is just rubbish! It is out of the question for me to be fooled like that.

6. Going out with someone to make their ex jealous

This is something that a person with a sense of respect would never do. Going out with someone else, just to get an ex is simply abhorrent and mean.

It is even one of the most selfish acts in the world.

If I feel that a man approaches me with this kind of intention, be sure that I will quickly show him the door!

7. Take forever to reply to messages

Obviously, this is something that we all have already done (whether voluntarily or without doing it on purpose).

To believe that by taking hours to respond to his messages, he will miss you more is stupid and childish. Love again doesn’t work like that. Also, avoid using this tactic to punish someone, it’s useless.

I can’t stand these kinds of little games anymore. Me, I answer as soon as I can and if I notice that my partner makes me voluntarily wait several hours before answering me, I will now make sure that he knows that I am not that kind of woman.

8. Pretend to love someone to sleep with him

Do you know how many people out there are out there whose only goal is to find a night out? Unfortunately, thousands … Adventures and connections of all kinds are becoming the norm these days.

Why lie to someone like that? Why tell him, who is looking for a serious relationship, that we are looking for the same thing when it is not the case?

Why complicate life? If a man wants to visit my bed and nothing more, let him tell me so that I don’t waste my time.

9. Refuse to be the first to send a message

I don’t understand why we refuse to be the first to send a message. Why? What purpose? I do not know. The fact that we want to start a conversation with someone we like does not mean that we are desperate.

So, if a man refuses to argue with me and I am the only one who initiates the debate, I will have no choice but to put an end to this non-relationship. If he doesn’t want to talk to me, it’s because he doesn’t love me that much, right?

10. Playing on multiple boards

If you’re dating someone you like, but you’re not ready to commit, there’s no need to talk to them about great love, romance, and fairy tales.

If I come to discover that my companion whispers words of love to me while going to look elsewhere, know that I will not stay long around.

11. Put the small dishes in the big ones… But only after being left

It is a situation that I experienced … And I refuse to relive it again. I’m tired of men saying to me, “This time will be different. I changed and learned from my mistakes ”.

I’m tired of empty promises! I’m always ready to give a second chance, but no more. And if I realize that his promises were nothing but empty words, it won’t take me more than 2 minutes to get out.

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