I love this kind of article since I learn a lot of new hairstyles hyper-fast and easy to do. We have all been late at least once in his life, and it is normal we are human!

Or sometimes we just do not want to! We are tired of the day before … brief for mornings like these, we do not want to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

But, whatever the reason, there are many hairstyles that are very easy to do and that will give you a super chic look!

Most of these tutorials are very, very easy to do. Just look at the pictures to understand quickly. Take the time to train before, it’s always better

I detailed some of them where the images might seem ambiguous. If you need information, do not hesitate to specify it in the comments.

1. Fast and effective

2. Braided Space Buns

3. Dutch Braid

4. Double Dutch Braid Bun

5. Flower Braid UPDO

6. The perfect Curl

You want to have beautiful curls, but you do not have the time? There is a very easy way to have soft loops in 3 minutes. Use a hair clip to attach the upper part of your hair back.

Then divide the back of your hair in 2 and roll them around a curling iron. Once the back part is finished, buckle the top part of the sides of your head. You will have beautiful curly hair!

7. The Twisted Bun

We all like buns because they are very easy to do. This is one of the first hairstyles that can be done in 3 minutes.

Divide your hair into two equal parts. Tie the two parties together. Then wrap your hair around the knot and secure with bobby pins to form a bun. And There you go!

8. Wrapped UPDO Headband

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to do in 3 minutes and also gives a lot of volume to your hair.

Start by putting a headband on your head. Secure it with hairpins if needed so that it does not move.

Then divide your hair into three sections: a back section and 2 side sections. Tie the back part into a ponytail, pulling the elastic as close as possible to the ends of the hair.

Wrap the back section towards the headband. Tuck the hair into the headband by wrapping it as tightly as possible before pinning it by sliding the hairpins vertically.

Take the section on the right side and twist together. Gently pull the top of the twist to loosen it slightly.

Wrap the twist on the top of the back section and secure with bobby pins. Do the same with the last section. Spray it all with a fixer to finish it off.

9. The Braided Rose

10. A princess hairstyle

Start by making 2 braids at the height of the ears as in the picture. Secure the braids with an elastic band. Pull the left braid to the right by sliding it just below, and do the same with the right braid, and voila! Perfect for those with short hair!  

11. Relaxed

This is one of the easiest and easiest hairstyles to do in 3 minutes. Start by dividing your hair into 2. Make a classic ponytail for the lower part and attach the upper part with pliers.

With a comb, paint the upper part of the hair in the opposite direction. Then make a ponytail with this part, keeping volume over the head. Apply hairspray so that your hair does not move throughout the day.


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