10 ways to get pregnant without love making

The desire to have children and the baby design project can be a joyful step for prospective parents who are ready to have children. But, life can also hold surprises for those who do not expect it or who are not yet ready to accept a new little member in the family. What if we tried to dissect, with Very Well Family, the enigma of pregnancy and the possibilities of getting pregnant without having s ex?

In s ex education, it is known that to make babies, a sperm must meet an egg that is placed in one of the fallopian tubes during va ginal intercourse including penetration. And, that’s how a woman gets pregnant. What if there are other possibilities that lead to a non-s exual pregnancy?

The enigma of design

Getting pregnant is the fear of any girl who has had unprotected s ex with her partner. Whether it is wanted or not, pregnancy involves the responsibility of young people, but also of the adult couple, to keep, educate and raise a child.

As bizarre as it may seem, several surveys are being done to investigate whether a pregnancy is possible without the couple having penetrative s ex. Indeed, this may be possible through other means. And if we could see more clearly?

Pregnancy without penetration, how is this possible?

In natural science and biology, there must be penetration during intercourse to lead to the meeting of sperm and egg. Once the egg is fertilized, it is placed in the fallopian tube. But there are cases where the conception can be done without penetration according to the fertilization and the way in which it occurs.

The natural process

Fertilization occurs naturally when, during penetration, the penis ejaculates in the va gina, and therefore a spermatozoon fertilizes an egg and implants itself in the uterus. And there, the pregnancy begins.

Exceptional cases of pregnancy

Cumshot near the vulva

Resistant, sperm cells move and are ready to do anything to reach their goal: to go to the va ginal canal and reach the egg even if they are out of the v agina! Indeed, during an external ejaculation, sperm, once on the genital organ of the woman, whether it is the vulva, the small or large lips, can reach the va gina and at the same time, the egg.

Objects or fingers inserted into the vag ina

If the fingers or objects are also coated with sperm and come into contact with the woman’s v agina, the sperm can reach the egg. The more recent ejaculation, the more fertilization can occur.

A nal s ex

During a nal intercourse, sperm leakage can reach the v agina. This practice, if it is not protected, can also transmit infections and STD hence the importance of wearing a condom during this s exual act.

Protection during s ex

Finally, during your s exual intercourse, do not forget to protect yourself to avoid unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of serious diseases such as HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms, pills, IUD or cervical cape …. Choose the means of protection and contraception that suits you the most, without giving up carnal pleasure.


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