10 things your partner should never tell you when you argue

Storm on the horizon! The disputes within a couple are inevitable, yet they sometimes disarm the strongest couples. Everyone goes with his little reproach, things end up skidding and the little headache turns into the fight club. We start making harsh words, words that hurt our love and regret after the fact, but too late the damage is done. Watch out for words that belittle and destabilize the couple. We refuse to let you inflict this on yourself, here are the 10 sentences to never give up in case of an argument.

It is a fact! All couples are getting their hair wet, WHO has even looked at the shaking of households, stating that 80% of duettos are in crisis. The good news is that these quarrels allow us to assert ourselves, not only by raising the tone, but to make others accept what we are and accept them as they are, which can be difficult when we are told our four truths in the face. Be that as it may, our differences and differences must not lead to a stalemate. There are words and gestures that not only exacerbate conflict but kill love. You have to know how to turn your tongue 36,000 times before you say wickedness. Let’s go hunting for those tackling and hurting our half to the very depths of his being.

1 – Ok, it’s good!

Effective to cut a quarrel. A sentence that may be expeditious but has the advantage of avoiding unnecessary hours of argument. At best, your half will agree with you and relax your nerves. At worst, it will resume more, feeling that you taunted.

2 – You are ridiculous

The tension does not sag, it shows crescendo then you end up letting go of a “you are ridiculous and pathetic! “A phrase said like that, that you trivialize but that will certainly be meaningful for the person upset. Nobody likes to be called a ridiculous puppet, you’re clearly diminishing him and telling him that his arguments are not worth a nail.

3 – It’s great!

Sarcasm and contempt alone are enough to make the other mad with hysteria. The pikes full of irony, the eyes in the sky, the “Bravo, you’re the best”, the sighs, the petty mimicry, we let you imagine the emotional state of the person who takes it.

4 – You never do …

You are frustrated that the other does not understand you, you are exhausted, you have doubts about the future of your couple. It is not by making derogatory remarks and by rehashing old grievances that you will come to burst the abscess. There are the art and the manner of making reproaches provided that they are constructive. One must have the greatness of mind to express what is constructive.

5 – We calm down!

If the goal is to channel the wrath of the other, then it may not be wise to take out this sentence that will only accentuate his ire. Let your fury express itself, because shutting up your anger and turning it against you can have serious psychosomatic consequences.

6 – Yes, but …

Punctuate your “but” couple conversation and it’s a total misunderstanding! This conjunction erases everything your partner has been playing for hours. You have an objection, but make the effort to show a little respect to the opinion of the other.

7 – Forget it

We tend not to pay attention to what the other person is saying or feeling, convinced to be right and we are fighting for the last word, even if we stop the discussion when it suits us but not necessarily the other one. . It suggests to him that one does not care what he says and that the discussion is closed because one wants it.

8 – You are only one …

Watch out when disrespect and insults slam like a whip. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to making innocuous words, thrown into a moment of passion. There are limits to never go beyond.

9 – I did not think it was going to be that hard

This kind of defeatism formulation does not augur well for the couple’s future, negativism and non-advancement, it’s frustrating and it does not help to find a separate solution to the problem.

10 – I’d better go

To practice, this chopper would sound the death knell for your relationship. The other does not know if it should take you seriously and you place it so expectantly.


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