10 things to no longer tolerate in a romantic relationship

The adage says that love makes you blind because our capacities for judgment, discernment and critical thinking are blurred by feelings of love. Thus, we allow ourselves to be carried away in a romantic relationship and this other, previously a simple stranger, becomes the apple of our eye.

But, it happens that the brain calls to order the heart, especially in the face of behaviors and actions of our partner that are intolerable. So, to avoid being hurt and realize what is right and wrong before it is too late, here are 10 things you should never endure in a relationship!

Everything goes in one direction

You are particularly attentive with your partner, whether in terms of hugs or gifts, or even when it comes to giving him all your time. However, you get almost nothing in return and it is a sign that you deserve much better, that is, a person who shares with you this need to make the other happy, in any way possible.

He is not interested in you

Your childhood ? He never asked you a question about it. Your passions ? He doesn’t really care. Worse, when something good or bad happens in your life, he doesn’t worry about how you feel. You may think that he is shy or that he wants to take his time … Well, no! He’s just not interested in you so don’t waste your time.

He wants to change you

With his faults and qualities, each person is unique. So, although efforts and compromises must be made for a relationship to be lasting, it should not be changed at all! Also, if you are the only one making an effort or are always asked to change this or that, think carefully about what you want in a relationship.

He hides you 

It may be normal for a romantic relationship to take time, especially for the official presentation to relatives and friends. However, after a certain time, you must ask yourself questions because when we sincerely love someone, we must be proud to present it to our loved ones.

He flirts with other girls

Either he is completely stupid, or he is playing with your emotions. Anyway, if you are not in a polygamous or open relationship, you must not accept that your partner flirts with other girls because it is a real disrespect.

He doesn’t keep his promises 

In addition to not keeping his promises, he lies to you and is sometimes verbally and physically violent? Run away ! These are things you should never tolerate, especially since they can be a sign of a psychological disorder.

He is greedy

A person who is generally stingy and who is not generous with their romantic partner is someone who is fairly selfish. Indeed, a couple relationship illustrates a life in two and therefore expenses in two, whether for major purchases or gifts.

He changes mood often 

One day is true love and the next is total ignorance. Is it a passionate relationship or a sign of a very unstable character? Maybe both … In any case, if you want to be happy and keep your head straight, you have to make a fairly quick decision about the future of your relationship.

He only cares about you at night

Even though he may have a busy schedule, if he doesn’t care for you during his rest days, or he does it only at night, you need to ask yourself some serious questions about to the merits of your romantic relationship.

He makes you cry more than laugh

It is surely the best reason to break up and right away.

It is surely the best reason to break up and right away.

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