10 things to do at the beginning of each month

Every beginning of the month is a new beginning. This is the perfect time to prepare for the coming weeks and thus have a better organization. I share today 10 ideas of little things to plan to relieve you a little from the 1st of the month and live the next days in a more serene way. Since the organization is the basis of everything

1. Make a big household

Do you remember the last time you changed your sheets? If not, ask yourself Ahah questions. If you have a busy life, are lazy or do not think about it, do it at the beginning of each month. Actually the minimum is every day 10 days. But for the lazy people, we will say that every beginning of the month is better than nothing! And then there is nothing better than the feeling of slipping into fresh sheets and all clean. Why deprive yourself?

Similarly, the feeling of having a flat or a house all clean is a real pleasure. So every beginning of the month, think about thoroughly cleaning every corner of your apartment. If you have a busy schedule it will allow you to keep a clean apartment by only spending one day out of 30.

 2. Sort your papers

If you are like me, your wallet, your folders, and others can quickly be overwhelmed with tickets and papers of all kinds! Useless tickets, others that I kept in the case, commercials … In short, it is cumbersome and absolutely not practical. Sorting each beginning of the month will not only lighten our storage but especially to see more clearly. This will avoid spending 2 hours searching for important papers. So what we do not need, we get rid of it!

3. Make appointments

If you need consultations the ideal is to make your appointments at the beginning of the month. In this way, you can ask what suits you best and organize your schedule according to these appointments.

4. Plan your budget

Clearly, without planning it is difficult to finish the month correctly. Good unless you earn a good living. But the best is to plan the 1st of the month what will be the number of your personal expenses, in terms of shopping, billing, etc. This will also allow you to see if it is possible to save money and enjoy yourself!

5. Sorting in your phone

When we do not have a limited number of Giga we tend to keep a little everything and anything on the phone. In his film. than at the level of its applications. I personally had screenshots that dated from Methuselah and pictures without interest. It was over a thousand and was useless. I also had lots of apps NEVER used … So much space for nothing at all. What I do now is that I sort the photos and I send those I keep on Dropbox. Similarly with applications, if there is that I have not used at all in the month and well I separate.

6. Organize outings with friends

I do not know you but my friends all have a different job and are not all in the same city. So, it’s quite complicated to see yourself unexpectedly. I like to send them a message at the beginning of the month to stall a party to spend with them. As it is often “ah this weekend I can not” ; “But I am available to that one” by doing it at the beginning of the month it leaves more choice

7. Get reading

To read is to feed one’s mind, is it not? Take advantage of the beginning of the month to choose a book that you will read on the way to work or in your free time. This way you will find the opportunity to read, if not usually a priority. I started a Harlan Coben thriller (which I love) “Without a word”.

8. Organize your wardrobe

I think we all agree, it only takes 3 days (well maybe one) for our wardrobe to be upside down. In general, clothes accumulate so much and everything is so mixed that we are too lazy to look. And we miss out on great clothes we do not see. We go to the simplest by taking what we have under the nose so we often put the same thing … Well, each beginning of the month think to give a cool shot to your wardrobe. Put in front of clothes that have spent time at the bottom and get rid of what you do not put anymore.

9. Set goals

Whether on the personal or professional level it is always interesting to set some goals. The idea is not to put pressure on you but rather to challenge yourself. To motivate oneself and to be determined in what one does. Doing it at the beginning of the month makes it possible to take stock of the previous month and thus to see what did not work.

10. Search new recipes

Put some recipes aside will not only know what to buy while shopping, but also to be able to properly manage its diet. So avoid cracking or ordering food because you are too lazy to cook. You will have everything available at home to prepare a good meal. I used to create a private picture on Pinterest where I gather all the recipes that interest me. It allows me to eat balanced and vary.


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